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Swaddle clipp on muslin up close
Swaddle clipp on muslin up close
Swaddle clipp lifestyle
Swaddle clipp on muslin
Swaddle clipp on stroller
Swaddle Clipp Product Shot grey

SwaddleClipp Stroller Clips

SwaddleClipp uniquely combines three magnets and a durable strip of fabric in a way that the clip is compatible with strollers and car seats of a wide variety of brands. The magnetic force will guide the way in how SwaddleClipp folds and unfolds, so using Clipp will come easy to you. To make sure you’re always in balance, they come as a pair. The SwaddleClipp will assist you in making sure your muslin or cover doesnt fly away off your stroller and so your little one is kept protected. 
Materials: 100% water-resistant polyester
3 strong magnets
  • SwaddleClipp will assist you in making sure your muslin/ cover doesnt fly away off your stroller
  • SwaddleClipp folds and unfolds, so using Clipp will come easy to you
  • Come as a pair
  • 100% water-resistant polyester
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T ally handy product
Reviewed on 02 August 2018
Great product, I like that it has magnets that hold the cover on. Clips tend to pop off but the magnets don’t do that. I like that if the come undone they don’t fall in the pram because of the double magnets, one holds the pram and a separate one holds the cover. Great product, would recommend highly!
Sleek & Safe Design
Reviewed on 26 July 2018
Comparing the pram pegs and the clips, the clips look a lot better on the pram. They stay in place without needing to take them out when we adjust the pram sun cover. It is also safe that we won’t accidentally scratches the baby when putting him in and out of the pram compare to the pegs. Definitely worth to buy if you are looking for pegs for pram.
Strong, reliable, effective.
Reviewed on 10 June 2018
SwaddleClipp stroller Clips are brilliant. Magnets are super strong. My Muslin wrap didn't blow off during our walk. My baby was kept well shaded as she slept. Once awake I simply attached 2 of her toys with the clips instead. Toys stayed in place. Baby stayed entertained. Clips are small enough to pop into your baby bag or simply keep them attached to the pram hood. Tiny but mighty.
Easy, portable and strong enough even on windy days!
Reviewed on 27 May 2018
I love these clips. They can be used with any pram and are great on my uppababy! If I position them right at either side of the hood it keeps a wrap completing covering the pram and doesn’t let any light in. I live in a windy rural area and they never once fell off or dislodged. Also great to keep hang a toy. Such a great idea!!!!
Great product!
Reviewed on 24 April 2018
I find the magnetics look so nice when holding up a swaddle on the pram! I also use these magnetic clips when I’m nursing - I take a swaddle and put two ends together with the magnet holding it in place and voila! a nursing cover that helps me stay covered!
Stylish but only good for little bubs
Reviewed on 06 October 2017
I have these in grey and I love how they look on the pram. They are stylish and subtle, and the magnet design is really clever. It's far less clunky on the pram because they lay flat on the hood. I find the magnets strong enough to hold either a thin muslin wrap or a lightweight bunny rug, even with lots of wind. However, my baby girl is 8 months and she loves to kick at her muslin or any other blanket at her feet. Sadly when she kicks the cloth, I find it slips out of the swaddle clips. I think this is because the design means that the clip opening is the same direction as where she kicks, so it only takes a little kick for her to yank it out and it slips out from between the magnets. This doesn't happen when I use pram pegs and I think it's because the cloth is wedged between the hood and the pram peg, so it's harder to slip out. I do enjoy having the clips and they would be great to use for younger babes that don't move around so much, but not the best for my baby that can't sit still!
Slim and classy design!
Reviewed on 03 October 2017
The swaddle clipp uses its in-built magnets to secure items such as a swaddle or toys to the visor of your stroller. I liked that the magnets are really strong and items can be secured 2 ways. Only issue I came across was if I put the magnets on either side of the pram at a higher lever, I felt that a strong gust of wind would blow my attached swaddle up and off the stroller. I suppose this it where you may need 3 magnets for 1 pram. One to hang a toy off in the centre and secure the swaddle, the other two on the side a little lower towards the seat. Best thing about the magnets are that it has eliminated my use of clothing pegs!
Reviewed on 03 October 2017
i recently tried the swaddle clipps pn my pram and they are amazing! they have a strong magnetic grip to hold the swaddle in place even when its extremely windy! i even got to try it out holding up my babys toys hanging from the hood it did the trick. only down side i found was if u only have a standard warm blanket it seems to thick for the magnetic grip to hold so need to use thin swaddles but other then that id highly recommend this product!
A discrete alternative to pram pegs.
Reviewed on 28 September 2017
Great little clips that are a slimmer, more discrete alternative to pram pegs. They stay in place on my pram’s hood and the magnets hold swaddles or light toys in place firmly. There are a few colours available to please everyone! I love the fact that they do not need to be removed when folding up my pram, so they are always on the hood and ready to use. At roughly the same price as some pram pegs, I would choose the swaddle clips! They come in a 2 pack, although I would recommend buying 4 clips to be able to use on the sides of the pram hood as well.
Love them
Reviewed on 24 September 2017
The swaddle clips are fantastic. We have been using them to hang my son's toys off on his pram, I had been wanting something that I could use that wouldn't damage the hood of my pram like some of the pram pegs can and the swaddle clips are perfect and they stay on so well with the magnets. I love them. I also love that they don't need to be take off when I collapse my pram because they are so slim.
Sleek and Stylish!
Reviewed on 21 September 2017
I absolutely love my SwaddleClipps! They are so easy to put on and pull off, and because they're so discrete I can just leave them attached to the hood of my pram for convenience. They're super easy to shift around and are strong enough to hold thicker blankets. I got really annoyed trying to store my other clips that are quite bulky, but these ones easily fold up really small. I will definitely be recommending these to everyone!
Reviewed on 20 September 2017
So happy to have been allowed to try these clips out for my stroller. They have been fantastic and saving me time tying my swaddle cloth over the pram and bassinet. Super easy and they stay clipped to my pram all the time so I'm never without them. Would definitely buy them again and reccommend them to friends
Great Accessory for Strollers
Reviewed on 18 September 2017
I am extremely happy ever since I have received these swaddle clips. The clips are very easy to use and great in keeping the pram cover intact. Now I am not afraid to go out whether there is plenty of sunshine or wind. With the swaddle clips, I can easily cover and protect my little one from the outside weather.
So simple!
Reviewed on 15 September 2017
We recently tried the swaddle clip pram clips and have been impressed! They're easy and quick to use, just a simple to adjust and are even proving to be toddler proof! Would highly recommend.
Works extremely well. Great Product
Reviewed on 14 September 2017
The swaddleclipp is compatible with my GB Qbit+ stroller. It's so easy to fold and unfold as the magnetic force will guild itself to fold. The design of it is very nice. I can finally say bye bye to those ugly wooden pegs. swaddleclipp makes my stroller looks more trendy now. The magnetic is definitely strong enough to hold your swaddle. I folded my swaddle twice and the two clips still holds the swaddle in place during a windy day. I also use the clip to hold toy for my son and my shoppings. This is light shopping, e.g clothing. (not talking about 2L milk here). It can also be used for other things I guess, if I can be creative enough. Overall it definitely does what it describes. Worth buying it!!!
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
The new take on attachments to hold onto your swaddles and Muslins are just amazing. Not only do they look better than the usual pegs but their magnetic mechanism makes covering the pram so much easier.
The best clip on the market
Reviewed on 07 April 2017
Loooooove this product! No more ugly pegs from the washing line. We were recently in qld and even the recent winds didn't lift this clip off the pram!
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