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tommee tippee nappy bin starter set
tommee tippee nappy bin starter set
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Tommee Tippee Twist & Click Nappy Disposal Bin Starter Set with 3 Refills

The only bin that twists and wraps for unbeatable odour protection. The twist & click nappy disposal bin provides unbeatable germ and odour protection to keep your home fresh and smell-free.

Unbeatable germ and odour protection keeps your home fresh and smell-free as you clean up after little one, without multiple trips to the outside bin. With the twist & click nappy disposal bin, nappies are individually wrapped in multi-layer, antibacterial film that locks away odours and germs.

Anti-bacterial film kills 99% of dangerous germs on contact
Together with the unique twist and click system, this gives you unbeatable odour and germ protection every time you dispose of a nappy.

Slimline and compact
The twist & click nappy disposal bin fits into any room and holds up to 30 nappies*, meaning fewer trips to the outside bin. The flat lid opens against any wall, making it easy to position and use.

*Based on using size 1 nappies (2-5kg) Clean hands, every time Use the built-in plunger to push the nappy into the bin when you close the lid, keeping your hands clean and your home fresh.
  • Powered by Sangenic for guaranteed odour and germ protection
  • Nappies are individually wrapped in a multi-layer, anti-bacterial film to stop germs and smells escaping.
  • Anti-bacterial film kills 99% of dangerous germs like e-coli and Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Holds up to 30 nappies* meaning fewer trips to the outside bin
  • Inbuilt plunger pushes nappies deep into the bin, keeping your hands clean
  • Flat lid opens against any wall. Slimline and compact, fits into any room
  • Environmentally friendly - each nappy is individually wrapped in the optimum amount of anti-bacterial film, meaning less waste.
  • Includes 3 refills


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Great bin!
Reviewed on 26 November 2018
In the beginning I was very hesitant to purchase a nappy bin, friends always told me that you only do that for a first child. I purchased this at the Melbourne baby expo and I didn’t touch it for the first few months. Once my son started solids I needed something that would cover the smell. Here is what I found: Pros: -it looks nice -You didn’t smell the nappies, and when you opened the lid you wouldn’t get the woof of the old ones -it carries a decent amount before having to throw out the bag - affordable - you are using one continues bag and not waist of plastic bags - easy to clean Cons: -I find it very hard at times to buy the refill bags in my local coles and that is where it was advertised as selling it- which was a draw string for me as I knew I didn’t want to run to a baby store every time I ran low on something. - bin is cheap but they get you at the refill bags. They are expensive when you add it up.
I don't know what nappy changes would be like without a nappy bin
Reviewed on 14 September 2018
Disclaimer: I have never used a different nappy bin so I have nothing to compare to. This is great! Traps all the smells in and holds quite a lot of nappies before we have to make a trip to the outside bin. I would have given it a 5 star if the refills were a bit more cost effective. I am trying to find ways so that we don't have to spend $$ on the refills such as: place a normal bin liner and dispose each poo nappy in a nappy bag and wee nappy without a nappy bag and this sort of works but I still need to do my calculations as to whether that is cheaper. My impression is that it would be by a mile but I have no figures to prove that just yet. Overall, great nappy bin, I haven't felt the need to replace it or toss it for a different one, it's been with us since my 15 month old was born and it's showing no signs of retiring anytime soon!
Totally necessary!!!
Reviewed on 24 July 2018
I got one of these for my first child and got 6 refil canisters. I don’t think I could have gone without this after using it for so long, knowing I could put all his nappies in and not smell them is such a relief. I hated the thought of taking a dirty nappy outside every time we had one, especially with a new born baby I couldn’t imagine it. I purchased it when on sale and got it for a great affordable price and I still use it everyday for all our dirty nappies! such a awesome product, worth every cent!!!
Does the job but not used very often
Reviewed on 03 July 2018
I picked this up on sale before bub was born. I loved the idea of not having odours everywhere in my home and also liked the convenience of putting dirty nappies somewhere. However, as baby started to grow, we didn't really use it often as we were changing the baby wherever we were in the house at the time. The bin belonged in babys bedroom. So we always just used a plastic bag in the end and the bin never got used. It does what its suppose to do though.
Not a necessity
Reviewed on 09 April 2018
I was lucky enough to be gifted one of these at my baby shower and it was great to begin with. We just did changes in the lounge room as they were so frequent as a newborn so we always had it in there and would empty it every 2 days. However, once we moved to the change table in his room I hardly used it. If left longer than a few days it smells horrible and is a nuisance. I prefer a normal bin with a plastic liner in it or the scented nappy bags. Once it came time to buy more refills I didn't re-stock and don't plan to.
Love it!!!
Reviewed on 29 March 2018
This is a great bin and one I always recommend to friends. It traps the smell in (we struggled with an ordinary bin after bub started solids). It’s simple to use and has a safe cutting tool for when you need to empty the bin. Top tip: To save on the plastic and get more in to the bin, when you just have wet nappies don’t twist it. Only twist it off when you have a dirty nappy. That allows you to get almost double the amount of nappies in the bin before you need to change it!
I love this bin
Reviewed on 17 January 2018
I must say that I really love this nappy bin - so handy. It takes heaps of nappies but traps the odors, and it means that we can save time and minimise trips to the wheelie bin outside. Clever design, looks discreet, would recommend!
Not so smelly nappies
Reviewed on 17 January 2018
For a first time mum this is a great addition to the baby nursery. Looks great, easy to use and less trips outside to empty the smelly bin. The main difference between this & other bins is the way the bags are twisted each time a nappy is put into the bin which consequently minimises & contains the nappy 'smell'. OK so the bin liners can be a bit pricey but shop around & you'll generally find the bulk packs on special at least every couple of months at different stores. One cannister lasts me around 2.5 weeks so the bulk 6 pack takes about 4 months for me to go through. The only feature missing from the bin that I would find really useful is a 'push button' type of lid so that you don't need to physically open the lid to dispose of the nappy. Would I recommend this to other families? Simply for the reduced smell, definitely.
So easy!!
Reviewed on 10 December 2017
Although I have not used it for my own baby due in January 2018, I have used this for my niece (1) and nephew (2) and for something so simple, it’s amazing! So much better than individually wrapping nappies and disposing. My sister is now looking at investing in one. So worth it! You can use the dispenser with one hand so you can always have a hand on the baby. Get yourself something to save you time this Christmas!
Not a necessity
Reviewed on 02 December 2017
I think the tommee tippee nappy bin would be handy when you have a newborn. My bub is now a crawling 8 month old who likes to pull himself up on it and knock it over. The top section of mine doesn’t seem to ‘clip in’ properly so when it gets knocked over all the nappies come out. It does well to trap odors - especially once bubs on solids - and I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and not yet had to replace the canister. As I’m up to using bigger nappies for bub I’m emptying it at least every second day or so. Also, I don’t always change bubs nappy in his room so I am still using nappy bags as well. So, definitely handy, but I wouldnt consider it a necessity for new mums.
Easy to use but can be pricey to replace cassettes
Reviewed on 29 November 2017
The Tommee Tippee sangenic nappy disposal system is really quite easy to use, my older children think it's so much fun helping to change the baby so they can use the bin. The disposal system does a great job at limiting the Smell, and are alot better than nappy bags. However the Replacement cassettes are quite expensive and can be tricky to find them in stock(where I live and shop anyway). I would recommend the unit on the fact it does eliminate smells but I would be hesitant in the referral and make sure I alert my friends/family regarding the ongoing costs involved.
Finally no smelly nappy bin smells!!
Reviewed on 29 November 2017
I have had this product for just over a week and I have to say I am really surprised at how much it hides the dirty nappy smells. I wished I had of gotten one sooner but I thought just a normal bin would be fine. The thing with toddlers is - they are curious and a normal bin was just too easy to open and pull the contents out. This bin is great at stopping this! Probably the only thing I am sad is that there is no pedal to open the bin automatically to save hands free for wiggling babies! I would recommend it though. So much more hygienic than a normal bin!
Stops those odours!
Reviewed on 27 November 2017
I have always looked at these nappy bin and thought it look to small going by the box size, but I was surprised at its size. I have been using for a week now and it contains the smells so well! Our last nappy bin we had to stop putting poopy nappies in as it didn't contain the smells. I would definitely recommend this nappy bin. The refil cassette are the same price as any other nappy bin, you can find them easily and you can often find them on special.
Smells so much better
Reviewed on 27 November 2017
I am now not so embarrassed to rest my wheelie bin on the side of the road for collection after a week of dirty nappies being disposed. I love that it locks the smell in and I don't need to make a trip outside with evrry dirty nappy in order to keep my house smelling hood haha. It is easy to use and I like that the kids are unable to open it easily.
More of a novelty than a must
Reviewed on 26 November 2017
So. I ended up winning one of these bins. And don't get me wrong, it's fine. It does exactly what it says it does. You put the nappy in, close the lid which squashes the nappy down a bit, open the lid back up turn little wheel thing which twists the liner and conceals the nappy and it's odours and then you close the lid again which pushes the nappy through to cavity. Simple. But so is just having an old plastic shopping bag and tying the nappy up in that and placing it in the regular bin. Having said that; I am a little more thankful for it in the middle of the night when I'm at my laziest and don't want to walk to the normal bin. During the day, I don't always change bubs on her change table which is where the bin is, so I end up using the old shopping bag and putting it in the bin. I honestly don't know how to review this product. Especially as I haven't had to purchase refills yet, but I've prices them and they seem a bit much but then again, that all depends on how long they last.... I've had it for a week though and the bin is nearly full and the refills are $45 for three equalling $15 a week for what is essentially just a bin bag I guess I'll just sum it up with this; I use it. I use it daily. I'm grateful for it but I'm glad that it was gifted to me and not bought by me. It's a fine little item. But it's not a necessary one. And it's barely a convenience. And I'm not sure I need it enough to spend the money buying the refill bin liner.
Convenient, safe & easy! Love it.
Reviewed on 23 November 2017
As a first time mum & wanting to save money I wasn't sure I needed a sangenic bin for my son's nursery. I was using a simple trash can with lid, that would fill up twice a day and had that distinct dirty nappy smell lingering in the nursery, which made me hesitant to put move my son into the same room. Then I was lucky enough to receive a Tommee Tippee sangenic bin, I thought no harm in trying & was surprised how easy & convenient it was to use! Simply place the nappy & dirty wipes in, push down (or close the lid to press down), turn clockwise and neatly the nappy is individually wrapped up and hidden away! No more smell, no more mess! The bin itself is sturdy although smaller than I was expecting and holds roughly 28 nappies. The recommendation is that the refill will last roughly a month, which is unrealistically based on 3 nappies a day - in reality, the bin was filled within 4 days, and the entire cassette used within the week but emptying the somewhat sausage trail of nappies was easy to dispose of and again the odour was kept to a minimum. Reloading the cassette from both partial use & a new cassette was also quick & easy. Overall I'm impressed, from thinking i don't need one to now I'm glad I have one! Although the cartridges themselves are quite expensive, there seems to be good specials every few weeks where you can buy in bulk for less than $10 a cartridge - which given the convenience of safe, sanitary disposal right next to the change table, without having to leave or upset my baby is win win to me!
So easy
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
This has been such a help! Night changes suck enough as it is without having to run down to the bin with this I just need to chuck it in, twist it around and shut the lid and there’s no smell. Holds a lot especially for its size which is another great thing. It’s also not ugly which I love in my daughters nursery.
Tommy tippee nappy bin
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I was worried this would be a waste of money and not work, but it ACTUALLY DOES! I don't have to go outside every time I change a stinky nappy now to throw it out. This holds the nappies in a sealed sausage looking line inside the bin. Each nappy is individually sealed when you push it in. I can empty is every few days now. It's so much easier.
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
Having a sick newborn means we often are up all hours of the day and night in out main living room. The compact design means it can be used in overly crowded spaces or tuck under another item when not in use. I live that my toddler ca nt get into it and it stops my house smelling like steamy gastro nappies all day: especially in this heat.
Reviewed on 20 November 2017
The nappy disposal bin is a great size for the nursery which does mean emptying it more often but it’s compact and small. If you are after design and compact totally recommend this one as it looks pretty compared to other bins and it will go with any nursery or too . It’s also very easy to use as well and no yucky scent coming from it as well
Amazing product !
Reviewed on 20 November 2017
I got it a week ago and could feel the difference already.No poo smell once nappy inside the bin. My partner and me really happy we don't have to change indoor garbage bag every day as saogenic nappy disposal system can store dirty nappies inside with out any odour. Also very convenient, close to nappy change table you can dispose off the nappy in simple three steps that take less than five seconds- push the nappy inside, twist the knob and plunge the lid. I wish I could have bought it with my first child 👶
Keeps the smells at bay
Reviewed on 20 November 2017
Highly recommend this nappy bin, especially when your baby soils after most feeds, just keeps the smells away and it’s really easy to use open the lid, place nappy in bin and twist and it masks the smell. I’ve got this in my baby’s room and it doesn’t leave that awful smell, when I’ve left a nappy in there by accident, we live out of town so I’ve got to take the rubbish in to dump so I take the bin with me so it doesn’t smell out my car.
Great product, but refills are a bit expensive
Reviewed on 19 November 2017
This product is great, it keeps the smelly odours hidden away and dosnt take up much room at all so you could have it in any room. I have it set up in my daughters nursery and during the day I keep the door shut to keep her from getting into everything, i was abit worried about having this product in there at first, because if it didn’t work and you could still smell the smelly nappies as soon as I opened the door I would be able to smell it because it’s been locked up in a shut room, but! I couldn’t smell a thing! Even with really bad smelling nappies and a full bin you still can’t smell a thing! The only down fall would be that the refills are a bit expensive especially if you have more then one little one with smelly nappies, but I would defiantly recommend getting this product if the price of the refills don’t bother you.
Easy to use
Reviewed on 17 November 2017
Its easy to use and doesnt take up much room. It does an amazing job at keeping the bad smell locked away, but ive searched refills and they are not cheap and you would go through them fast if you had a baby that soiled their nappy alot. My baby was excited to try play with it when it arrived though
Life saver!
Reviewed on 16 November 2017
This landed on our door - such a life saver we are the third floor of our apartment with no lift!!! it’s been great makes life so much easier just popping the nappies in the bin! no smells, no hands in nappies and i don’t have to walk down stairs countess times!
Reviewed on 14 November 2017
This product is really useful when you want to avoid those unpleasant nappy odours but in a more costly way as the refills are expensive. I did my research for the refills and the cheapest I can see when on sale right now for 6 refill cassettes is at $45, usually a refill would last for a max of one month especially when it is just newborn or toddler size nappies. If you don't mind the price of the refills and is not that type of person keen on moving your nappies on a DAILY basis to the trash bins, this is a good product for you. Especially if you are living in an apartment or condominium where the smell can easily spread out. The product with the refill provides an anti-bacterial film, which locks away germs and odours. In terms of function, the product really is easy to use. When I opened the box, all you have to do if put the lid on top of the base and that is it. Voila! You can start using it. I see alot of people showing pictures and demos on how to use it, so to be different, I took pictures on how it looks like when you twist the knob that will lock and secure each nappies... please see below. The mechanism is simple and yet it is effective to make throwing of nappies easier. I also attached pictures of the bottom so you know how to assemble your cassettes and how to cut it when it is full (There is this 'scissors' icon on the left side to indicate where to cut and on the right side is where you keep the knot once you tie it so as to keep the inside bin organize) I hope my review helps for those who are planning on buying this item :)
OK but..
Reviewed on 26 October 2017
I definitely have mixed feelings about Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal Bin. It looks good, it's easy to use, it keeps the smells in (just don't leave the lid open for too long). On the other hand, you need to buy and replace cassettes fairly often so that's annoying and much more expensive than nappy bags. I also have the bin sitting ON the nappy pail I used previously because it's really inconvenient having to bend so low so many times per day and push the nappy in, twist to seal then close the lid, especially after giving birth. The bin fills up pretty quickly too and you need to act fast when emptying it otherwise the smell lingers and it's absolutely disgusting. Overall, the product's alright but there's definitely room for improvement.
One of the most useful baby shower gifts I received at my baby shower...
Reviewed on 18 October 2017
A friend of mine gave me a Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy disposal bin as a gift at my baby shower. At first I honestly wasn't that excited about a bin, but it's one of the most useful presents I received and I use it every single day. It is easy to use (with one hand if you've got baby in one arm) & it locks away the smell with the nappy wrapper system. Each time you place a dirty nappy in the bin you then twist the plastic bag, using an inbuilt plastic handle, which seals it away in the bin and then you lock down the lid. The refills are quite pricey though, however it can take around one month to use one refill as long as you're not too generous when you twist the plastic bag to lock in the nappy. I actually discovered that Aldi had the refills on sale a few months back and snapped up a few boxes. Not sure if this will be a more regular sale item but keep an eye out because they were being sold for quite a bit cheaper. Overall I think these bins are super handy, hygienic and compact & I'd recommend buying one if you're looking to buy a nappy bin.
Great for Newborns
Reviewed on 27 September 2017
I bought this for my second baby to help keep things cleaner and more tidy around my change table. I loved that it sanitized and removed the odour. Though the catch bin could be bigger especially as the baby grows and nappies get bigger, it tends to hold less but during the first 8 or so months it was absolutely perfect!
What a great invention!
Reviewed on 24 August 2017
Nappy goes in, twist the top and close the lid - no more stinky nappies hanging around and no more trips to the outside bin all the time - we're so time poor at the moment, so this has been a great purchase for us. The cartridges are easy to re-load, on average one cartridge lasts us about a fortnight for one baby. Takes a little practice to use one handed but not impossible, would love it if the bin was a little bigger too but overall I can't complain!
Never knew I needed one!
Reviewed on 23 August 2017
As i received this with my second bub I never thought i needed one until i got it! My toddler loves this job! Push nappy in twist and close the lid! Quick and easy! Not airways easy to do 1 handed but hey what are toddlers for 😂
Too many steps
Reviewed on 14 August 2017
I am a little disappointed in this product. It definitely keeps the smell contained...but you need to open the lid, and push the nappy in, then twist, then close the lid, for it to work. That's way too many steps for me to do one handed while bubs is on the change table. It does the job, but could be simpler.
Not a fan
Reviewed on 14 August 2017
To be completely honest if i hadnt been given this as a baby shower gift i wouldnt have bothered to look twice at it. Yes it does trap bad smells with the twist and lock component which is a good feature, the cassettes are easy to change but as far as id go thats about as good as it gets. Cons of this is when you put a nappy in you have to close the lid to push it down and open it again so it can be twisted shut, the lid gets stuck and is hard to open most times (would have been better if it had a pedal to step on to open the lid. Especially for woman who have just had a baby /more so a c section as bending down that far tends to be a bit more difficult) and for hygenic purposes the fact the lid needs to be open and closed so many times is a negative, the knob to twist the bags is quite small and as its the same grey colour as the ring of the bin tends to get lost and hard to see especially when you have a baby to keep an eye on. Yes it does keep odors away but when there is 28-30 nappies in a small bin when changing the smell does get bad. Its not a terrible product and the idea is there its just not as effective as it wants and needs to be.
Keeps smell away
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
I purchased this nappy bin and think it's great. It keeps the smell away as you twist and lock the smell in for each nappy. The cassettes last a little while as it keeps going until the bag runs out inside so you can get a few bins full before you need to replace it. It's easy to use and simple to put a new cassettes in. Under the lid there is a concealed blade to cut the bag off when you need to empty it which is really handy.
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