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Tommee Tippee Ultra UV 3-in-1 Steriliser, Dryer and Storage

Tommee Tippee NEW UV Steriliser is multi-functional UV Steriliser that kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus.
With features like sanitising, drying, auto (sterilise and dry) and memory function, this product satisfies parents every day needs.

Why use UV to sterilise?​

Bacteria in leftover milk can cause nasty tummy bugs, so it’s important to sterilise all your baby’s feeding kit. The Ultraviolet (UV) light in this steriliser kills 99.9% of micro-organisms including bacteria and mould. There’s no steam, no chemicals, just a safe and simple way to sterilise, dry and store your baby’s bottles and accessories.

Choose from four different functions: Sterilise-only ​Pop in your bottles, teats, soothers and breast pump accessories and set to either 35 or 45 minutes.​

Dry-only ​Choose from 30, 40 or 50 minutes drying cycle, depending on how many items you wish to dry.​​Auto mode​This 60-minute setting dries your cleaned bottles, then automatically switches to sterilising cycle. ​​Storage ​This mode emits 5 minutes of UV light and 5 minutes of drying power every 2 hours to keep contents sterile. UV light also helps our glow in the dark products such as the night-time breast-like soother glow for longer.
  •  Safe and dry sterilising using UV light – no harsh chemicals, heat or steam
  • Sterilise and dry 6 bottles in 60 minutes – fuss-free and super clean
  • UV light kills 99.9% of harmful germs – to help protect your baby from bacteria that remains in bottles after washing. 
  • Fits most brands of bottles - suitable for bottles, teats, soothers and breast pump accessories
  • 4 functions: (1) Sterilise – sterilise all your baby feeding accessories using UV light,  (2) Dry – set for 30, 40 or 50 minutes to dry bottles and other feeding equipment, (3) Auto mode – dries cleaned bottles then switches to sterilising cycle AND (4) Storage mode – emits UV light every 2 hours to keep contents sterile
  • Energy efficient - long lasting Philips UV bulb lasts up to 6,000 hours
  • Quick drying and quiet - dries contents in 30 minutes
  • Filters dust, pollen and airborne pollutants - comes with one spare filter
  • Auto light shut off - UV light shuts off if opened while in use for safety
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