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bbox diaper wallet change mat Splish Splash
bbox diaper wallet change mat Splish Splash
bbox diaper wallet splish splash0
bbox diaper wallter Splish Splash
bbox diaper wallet splish splash2
bbox diaper wallet splish splash3
bbox diaper wallet splish splash4
bbox diaper wallet splish splash5
IMG 6072
IMG 6074
IMG 7104
bbox diaper wallet Mellow Lellow2
bbox diaper wallet mellow yellow5
bbox diaper wallet mellow yellow6
bbox diaper wallet mellow yellow7
bbox diaper wallet mellow yellow4
bbox diaper wallet mellow lellow
bbox diaper wallet mellow yellow3
bbox diaper wallet mellow yellow2
bbox diaper wallet change mat retro circles
bbox diaper wallet Retro Circles
bbox diaper wallet Retro Circles0
bbox diaper wallet retro circles6
bbox diaper wallet retro circles2
bbox diaper wallet retro circles4
bbox diaper wallet retro circles5
bbox diaper wallet change mat Flower Power
bbox diaper wallet Flower Power
bbox diaper wallet flower power0
bbox diaper wallet flower power2
bbox diaper wallet flower power3
bbox diaper wallet flower power4
bbox diaper wallet flower power5
bbox diaper wallet change mat Cherry Delight
bbox diaper wallet Cherry Delight
bbox diaper wallet Cherr Delight0
bbox diaper wallet cherry deligh4
bbox diaper wallet cherry deligh3
bbox diaper wallet cherry delight2
bbox diaper wallet cherry delight5
bbox diaper wallet cherry delight6
bbox diaper wallet cherry delight7'
bbox diaper wallet change mat  Stars3
bbox diaper wallet change mat Stars
bbox diaper wallet shining star0
bbox diaper wallet 5
bbox diaper wallet stars4
bbox diaper wallet stars3
bbox diaper wallet stars7
bbox diaper wallet
IMG 6080
IMG 6082
bbox diaper wallet beep beep
bbox diaper wallet Bee Beep2
bbox diaper wallet Beep Beep0
bbox diaper wallet beep beep2
bbox diaper wallet beep beep3
bbox diaper wallet beep beep4
bbox diaper wallet beep beep5
IMG 6078
IMG 6076
bbox diaper wallet Stars (1)
IMG 6068
IMG 5991
IMG 6070

b.box Diaper Wallet


The b.box Diaper Wallet has an built in wipes compartment and allows you dual access to your wipes. You can access the wipes inside when it’s change time, or if you need to quickly clean little fingers, grab a wipe from the external hatch. Comes complete with a funky, easy clean change mat and plenty of room for storage for two disposable nappies or even a spare change of clothes. BPA, Phthalates and PVC free.

The wipe clean change mat made from coated polyester and polyester backing. 25×15.3×5.9cm. 
Closed box dimensions: 25×15.3×5.9cm


includes: Wipe clean change mat made from coated polyester and polyester backing.  25×15.3×5.9cm. 

· Unique dual access wipes hatches
· Storage for nappies and disposable bags
· Built in refillable wipes container
· Flexible arm to keep everything in place
· BPA, Phthalates and PVC free
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Don’t get trapped (like me!)
Reviewed on 25 September 2018
As first time mom, I included this as part of my gift registry because I thought it would be nice and useful to have. Boy I was wrong. The wet tissue compartment is so small it only holds a minimum amount of tissues so you have to refill it quite often. And it seems to be airy so it dried the tissue quickly. The latch is hard to open and you spent so long to get all setup. Imagine when trying to clean leaked poo in a shopping mall - just to spend 5 mins trying to open the box and by the time you did, the tissue is half dry! The only reason I keep 2 stars was because the mat was actually great and I still keep it for bub #2 - but you can get good mat anywhere.
Long lasting quality item!
Reviewed on 23 November 2017
I was given the b.box Diaper Wallet for my baby shower. It has a great easy to use design. The quality is great! Still currently using the change mat. The only thing I found is that it didn’t store enough wipes for me and they became dry very quickly. Other than that a great item. Definitely a pick up and go, when your running down to the shops and to have nappies and wipes on you just incase of Number 3 - you will always be prepared with the b.box Diaper Wallet. Price is also great!
Love the design but not as good as I thought
Reviewed on 06 July 2017
Bought this when I have my 1st child. I love the design and the idea of it. But when I got it and started using it I was a little disappointed because the wipes get dry very quick. And the lid doesn't lock probably after a few use.
Great little 'grab and go' baby item
Reviewed on 03 July 2017
I lost my first one (baby brain, I was heart broken!) I missed it so much my husband bought me a new one! It's perfect for a dash to the shop, school run, walking the dog etc. Just throw it in the stroller or handbag and off you go, no massive nappy bag required! It holds a small amount of everything you need to change your baby (wipes, nappy, change mat and I put a couple of nappy bags in too) and being in a hard shell it doesn't end up squashed in the stroller basket. I love that you can access the wipes when the case is open or closed, great function if you're like me and use wipes for everything! The change mat is great too, wipes clean and washes well, I'll recommend this one to anyone that will listen!
great in theory
Reviewed on 03 July 2017
its great in theory change mat, nappies, wipes with a pop top from either side, but it's only good on a short term frequent use thing. now my little guy is older and we don't have to do as many nappy changes when we're out the wipes are drying out before i can use them. so now it sits sadly in a bottom draw waiting for baby number 2
Reviewed on 02 June 2017
So I didn't love it as it doesn't keep wipes moist. It's very convenient though if you're just ducking out for an hour as it takes up little space. Perfect for the grocery shopping
Great Travel Companion
Reviewed on 08 May 2017
Great baby shower gift! So compact and easy to clean, perfect for day trips.
So convenient
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
For short outings or when I don't want to bring my whole nappy bag I would just pop the diaper wallet in my hand bag. It holds everything you need for changes - nappies, wipes, and a change mat.
Not necessary
Reviewed on 13 April 2017
Love the idea of it but is totally not necessary cause is so heavy to bring an extra box when it only holds two things (diapers and wipes).
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