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wean mesiter sippy skillz copy
wean mesiter sippy skillz copy
wean mesiter Sippy Skills 6 Pack copy
wean mesiter Sippy Skillz 6 Pack 2 copy
wean mesiter bib and cup blue
wean mesiter bib and cup
wean mesiter Sippy Skillz Mint and Teal Bue copy
wean mesiter Sippy Skills Front View copy
wean mesiter Sippy Skillz Mint copy
wean mesiter Sippy Skillz Teal Blue copy
wean mesiter Sippy Skillz Baby Blue and Grey copy
wean mesiter Sippy Skillz Grey copy
wean mesiter Sippy Skillz Baby Blue copy
wean mesiter Sippy Skillz Peach and Baby Pink copy
wean mesiter Sippy Skillz Peach copy
wean mesiter Sippy Skills Baby Pink copy
wean meister cup bacteria free
wean meister cup dishwasher safe
wean meister cup durable
wean meister cup easy to hold
wean meister cup measurement lines
wean meister cup new skills
wean meister cup soft
wean meister cup stackable
wean meister cup wide base

Wean Meister Sippy Skillz Cup (2pk)

Wean Meister brings to you the cutest little training cup you ever did see!  Designed with fun and functionality in mind. Its fabulous features include a wide stable base, 
and 2 easy to grab handles. Its a perfect size for small babies and toddlers and shows capacity lines on the outside – up to 150ml so you know how much your little one has drunk. 

Soft for little gums and the perfect complimentary product for the water proof Wean Meister Easy Rinse Bibs.

Durable and unbreakable! Dishwasher safe.
Dentists recommend training your baby to drink from an open cup to prevent tooth decay.
Specifications: 10.2 x 6.9 x 7 CM.  71g

age range: 6 months +

volume: 150ml

  • Wide stable base
  • 2 easy to grab handles
  • Shows capacity lines on the outside – up to 150ml
  • Soft for little gums
  • Durable and unbreakable!
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2pk
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Reviewed on 23 November 2017
This cup is perfect for a toddler! Perfect size and great that it has 2 handles so they are less likely to spill. It can’t be broken which is a plus and is easy to clean
Good cup!
Reviewed on 08 September 2017
All of the Wean Meister products are high quality in beautiful soft silicon and lovely colours. We bought these cups several months ago and they have been really good. They wash really well in the dishwasher. These cups really are very cute. My 18 month old has always been very independent and wants to use products like a big boy, so he really enjoys these. Because they're silicone they are not as much fun to bang on the table as hard plastic/glass cups, which ensures that he at least attempts to drink from them! And if he throws them on the floor, they bounce. My son still hasn't mastered water in these cups (he really enjoys throwing water too much!), but we do use them to serve his thick soups and smoothies. The capacity lines on the outside are really handy, I have regularly reached for these cups to measure small volumes of liquids for recipes! The silicone does attract fluff, so if we're taking the cup out with us I make sure I keep it separate from anything potentially fluffy. Overall I think these were good value for money for a pair. They'll work well for crafts in the future when my son graduates to real cups.
A great weaning tool!
Reviewed on 13 August 2017
The Weanmiester Sippy Skillz cups have a nice range of colours and the material feels really beautiful. They are simple to clean and the fact that they are dishwasher safe makes them even better. My daughter did have a little trouble getting her nose around the rim of the cup however this may be due to learning a new skill. The cups were easy for her to handle and they can be dropped or thrown from a highchair without fear of the item breaking. Overall they were a great product for weaning my 10 month old from sippy cups to cups.
Great training cup
Reviewed on 12 August 2017
Our 22 month old loves to use her Wean Meister Sippy Skillz cup at dinner time when we all sit at the table and eat together. It helps to make her feel like a big girl as she has a cup just like mum and dad. We like that it's soft so if she drops it it doesn't matter. The two handles on either side make it easy for her to pick it up and drink from and we also really like the colour options available and the fact it can match her Wean Meister bibs. We'd definitely recommend the Sippy Skillz cups to anyone wanting to teach their toddler to use a cup rather than a drink bottle or cup with straw.
Reviewed on 03 August 2017
My independent 13month old loves these cups! They're light, easy to grab handles and the perfect size for his tiny hands! The silicon is amazing and is dishwasher safe! I love the teal colour!
Another great design by Weanmeister!
Reviewed on 25 July 2017
This sippy cup is the best! My twins are 6m and they immediately loved drinking from it. The design of the handle is perfect for their little fingers to grab hold of and the silicone is soft on their gums. Super easy to clean, just rinse with hot soapy water. Love all the colours and would highly recommend for babies 6m to 3yr.
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