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weegoamigo Muslin4Pk Whistler
weegoamigo Muslin4Pk Whistler
weegoamigo Muslin4Pk Whistler 1
weegoamigo Muslin4Pk galaxy
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk Bigtop
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk Bigtop1
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk Bigtop2
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk Bigtop3
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk BunnyFloral
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk BunnyFloral1
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk BunnyFloral2
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk party animal
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk PartyAnimals 1
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk PartyAnimals 2
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk PartyAnimals 3
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk Safari
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk Safari1
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk Safari2
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk SixDegrees
weegoamigo baby muslin swaddle4Pk SixDegrees2
weegoamigo Muslin4Pk mermaid
weegoamigo Muslin4Pk mermaid 1
weegoamigo Muslin4Pk wildlife
weegoamigo Muslin4Pk wildlife 1
WGA4PM2429 4PM SixDegrees 1
WGA4PM7998 4P Mindfulness web
WGA4PM7998 4PM Mindfullness hanging web

Weegoamigo Baby Muslin Swaddle 4 Pack

Soft and cosy to touch, The Weegoamigo Baby Muslin Swaddles are 100% natural cotton muslin blankets which are an open weave providing great breathability and textural grip-ability when using as a swaddle. Its oodles of uses include baby swaddle, floortime play rug, stroller cover, nursing shield, lightweight blanket, change mat, burp cloth and much more. Great as newborn gifts!
Features Open weave enhances grip-ability when baby swaddling and Super bias/diagonal stretch
Shabby-chic design, so no ironing required (yay!). Made from 100% natural cotton.

size: 120cm x 120cm 

  • Open weave enhances grip-ability when baby swaddling
  • Super bias/diagonal stretch
  • 4 Muslins in each pack
  • Shabby-chic design, so no ironing required (yay!)
  • Oodley useful
  • 100% natural cotton
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Amazing quality
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
These wraps are massive! Whilst you only get three and that may put you off the price they are beyond worth it. I was on hospital when my baby outgrow normal sized swaddles. They had a couple of these and they were a life saver! First thing I did was go buy a couple packs. My baby is now 8 months old and not being swaddled as often but still come in handy for using on the grass. But being able to double lap and still being big enough makes my babe more comfortable. The patterns are also so cute and trendy and they still look brand new despite at least being used and washed 100 times. You will not regret this product. 100 per cent recommended to every single parent.
The best muslins!
Reviewed on 09 August 2017
I bought these about 2 months ago after they were recommended by a friend and I was struggling to keep my little one from 'escaping the swaddle wrap' with smaller brands (80cm x 80cm). These larger wraps (120cm x 120cm) are great - super soft, wash really well and the patterns are adorable! 
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