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Out and About: Must haves that you didn’t know you must have!

Remember how easy it was to go out the house before you had kids? You would think about going out, grab your bag and walk out the house. Done! Once you have a baby, everything changes and sometimes just getting out the house can be a little daunting. I wish someone had simplified going out with a baby when I had my first. I used to go out with a nappy bag stuffed so full that I couldn’t ever close it. It would weigh the pram down, I could never find what I needed and it really was so unnecessary.

Here are 3 of my best must have’s:

1. b.box Diaper Wallet: Wipes, Nappies, Mat in one. Boom! And can easily be thrown in your bag or stroller. 

2. BabyBjorn Baby Carrier ONE: Keep it in your boot of your car so that it’s always handy. I always need a hand free for groceries, for walking the dog, for one of my other kids hands or if I’m completely honest… for coffee. I’m not sure who loves it more – my baby or me! And it's super comfy to wear!
3. Cupcatcher – If your baby is at the stage that it can hold a toy then you are at the stage where you can lose a toy. I used to take out so many toys because I knew I would lose some along the way. Hook the toy on to a cupcatcher and then you only need to take one. (Perfect for a sippy cup too obviously!). It is also great for in the car because we’ve all done the driving while searching around behind us for a dropped toy thing.
My last thing I would like to mention is not a “must have” but rather a “love to have”. My Bugaboo Donkey Duo Stroller is a bit of a lifesaver with multiple children. I no longer need a double pram for my older children so now use it with the side basket to put all the things that I need for my older girls. We put buckets and spades for the beach, balls for the park or groceries for the house. (Mine is pictured with their new fancy pants leather-look carry handles.) It’s a lifesaver!

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