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Babyproofing your home! Making your home safe with gates, locks, latches and more.

I admit it, baby proofing my house was a dreaded job this time round. With my other children I was ahead of the game and so organised with it and with baby number 3 I left it until the last second. I may have even left it too late because I just didn’t want to do it. The idea of drilling holes into my walls for safety gates, installing furniture anchors and TV straps on all the TVs really didn’t appeal to me. But after doing it, I must confess that I was seriously surprised at just how painless the whole experience was.
We live in a two-story house with a hazard in every direction. Whether it’s the children’s Lego pieces, the low oven, the open fireplace or the dog water bowl that’s just sitting there, I knew I had to get on to it. Every turn I made I saw more and more work to do. But it actually was really not like that. I got a few key things from Dreambaby Safety and with that – my 10 month old had her fun ruined. She’ll have to play with regular toys rather than the chords and power points that she used to love.
My TV is really old, its not one of those sleek skinny ones that I now see around, it’s one I got when flat screens had just come out. I was ahead of the TV game about 10 years ago! My bub is about to start pulling herself up on things and I knew this was the first place of attack. With the Dreambaby Flat Screen TV Saver Strap I no longer need to be worried about it toppling over. I have attached it to the wall but you can also just strap it to the back of the furniture its sitting on.
My little Indie hasn’t really mastered the fine motor skill of sticking things in power points yet but she loves flicking the switch so I’m sure its coming soon. There are a range of different Dreambaby Outlet Plugs available (some come with a key, some without, as well as a couple of different shaped ones) and they are also available in different pack sizes so you can make sure your whole house is covered.
The Dreambaby Angle Locks are perfect for drawers with sharp knives and dangerous scissors or anything that you want your little ones to stay away from. They are so easy to install so if you have a corner drawer - these are an absolute must.  Perfect for corner appliances, drawers, cupboards & cabinets.

The Dreambaby Ezy Check Multi-Use Latch is brilliant to use anywhere and you can use it on pretty much anything. And so easy to install. This latch is sure to come in handy if there is a place that needs baby proofing. It also fits on washing machines, dryers, most appliances and can be placed on any glass, timber, metal and laminate surfaces. So you can see why this is an all-rounder safety latch. 

The Dreambaby Furniture Anchor is also a must if your furniture isn’t built in and it gives you peace of mind that anything that moves, will not move or fall, and your baby is safe no matter what they pull on.
The Dreambaby Adhesive Mag Lock is one of the cleverest devices ever when it comes to safety. I’ve used it on what I call my Potion Cupboard, as it’s where I keep all the cleaning products under the sink. You just install the Dreambaby Mag Lock to the inside and it automatically locks when the door closes. When I want to open it, I just touch the key to the outside of the door. Nothing is visible to the outside so don’t worry about it being an eyesore in the kitchen. There is a very large range of Dreambaby Mag Locks - some that screw in if you prefer, some adhesive, in multiple pack sizes and if you loose your key- you can also purchase a new one so don't fear.
I can’t rave enough about the gate that I have at the top of the stairs. It’s the Dreambaby Cosmopolitan Security Gate and I’m so happy with it for so many reasons. I love that it can stay open when I don’t need it to be shut. I am always running up and down the stairs carrying washing baskets or holding hot cups of tea (if I’m lucky). It’s also easy enough that my 6 year old can open it and it can be done one handed. It’s certainly not ugly to look at and it just suctions in place so no need to drill holes and ruin walls - yet it is super secure, safe and very sturdy. Perfect for renters or people that don’t feel like having patchy paint work or damaging walls!

Dreambaby have an extensive range of gates - so if you have a larger than usual space, need it taller, maybe it needs to be retractable or have a specific requirement, you are sure to find a gate that matches your needs. You can also simply add the gates to compare across a comparison table so you can see which one is best suited to your needs. To view the gates available from Dreambaby click here
Before I got my hands on the amazing Dreambaby Safety Devices I did a little bit of googling about the different ways of safeguarding my house and I came across some stories of injuries and even fatalities with children in the home. Sorry to be heavy but the truth is that it is so easy to do it and its just not worth putting it off like I did.

There is a very large range of Dreambaby Safety Appliances for almost everything you can think of. TBI has filtered these locks, latches and safety appliances into categories so you can easily find what you are looking for - so whether its adhesive locks you looking for, for blinds, corners, doors, electrical, windows etc - you can easily find what you are looking for - helping you find the exact products you need to safeguard your little ones. To view the large range click here

Happy Safeguarding..

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