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Creating a really good baby Wish List. Think less cute, more real

Most people can agree that if they could redo their wedding registries they would. Less “pretty” stuff and more practical things. Am I right? How many platters does one-person need and who even has time to entertain anymore! Here is my advice so pregnant mothers take note: Use the same theory to make a really good baby Wish List. Think less cute, more real.  Don’t be distracted by all the adorable toys and little bits and pieces. For the most part – choose big-ticket items. Fine, I’ll allow some smaller ones to balance it out but let me tell you – You only get one shot at this. Yes you can make registries for subsequent babies but the presents are never as good as the first time round.

There are so many amazing, helpful products available on the market to help make baby time a little easier.  If I had to include everything I love, we could probably be here for days, so instead I have picked a handful of the top items that are a must-have to include (if you don't already have these items).

A Baby Carrier:
I loved the Babybjorn Baby Carrier ONE Air because it has been easy on my back, light in hot weather and so easy to wash. It also lasts the distance in that I will be using it for as long as my baby is happy in it! My two cents would be to go to the stores and try them all on and think about what works for you (and your partner) and what works well with your body of course. Make sure it will support you and your baby from newborn all the way through to being a toddler (and beyond if you are lucky). There are a great range of amazing baby carriers on The Baby Industry so use it to narrow your search and work out the best fit.
A Travel Cot:
Think about all the times you are going to be putting your babies to sleep while you are out. You might be at friends or grandparents houses or hopefully on lots of holidays. Choose a travel cot that is easy to set up, doesn’t take up too much room and can be stored away when you are not using it.  There is a great range that is available depending on what you need.

Do you need something light and easy to fold or do you need a baby centre that includes a change table, bassinet, play and more ? The baby centres are a little heavier but you will have everything together and you won't need to bring anything else with you.
The Babybjorn Travel Cot Light is what I have used for travelling and grandparent sleep outs. Its super light and takes 2 minutes to set up or put down. However, I have had my eyes on the Joie Excursion Change and Rock Travel Cot because it literally has everything. Not only is it a cot but it is also a changing station, it includes a bassinet, it has a very cool clicking system and has snoozing seat, sound and light attachments with lullabies and more. How amazing!
Beautiful Sheets, Blankets and Towelling:
Putting these kinds of things on your registry are really helpful because it will mean that everyone will find something at their price point and it’s a win-win situation because you will end up with really beautiful things for your baby. The Bubba Blue towels are a soft cotton velour and wash really well. You will get great use out of their products as they are really great quality. 

You’ll need a few towels so put down more than one. The same goes for sheets, I am loving the look of the Weegoamigo Sheets and Blankets at the moment because of how gorgeous they are. They would suit any nursery and are not the traditional pink or blue so you could choose them even before you know what sex you are having. You’ll need a few blankets no matter what season your baby is born in. The hardest decision now is which design of the amazing ones available you should choose. 
If you want something a little unique then O.B.Designs has some really beautiful and original blankets. Check out their Ripple Blankets – I guarantee you will love them all! Soft and just just beautiful and the perfect size for the cot, stroller or just cuddling on the couch. 
Your baby will play with different toys as it develops but what won’t change is the need for a soft mat to sit and play on. You will start with toys that they simply look at, then teething toys, musical toys, then toys for when they are sitting, standing and walking.. it just goes on. There is a huge range of amazing developmental, colourful and interactive toys available for every stage as your baby grows and develops. If you have an amazing mat like the Bubba Mat on Your Wishlist it will facilitate all this play and then it will be used for under the high chair, then the craft table – you will really get great mileage out of it. Easy to keep clean and perfect for the whole family. Choose from any colour to suit your décor, you will have it in your home for years to come! There are currently 9 designs available so you are sure to find one your love! Pictured here are 3 of the 9 designs (yes they are double sided -  another added bonus!)

Don’t forget about some sweet little things.. It’s important when making a Wishlist ( if you would like family and friends to buy from) to have different price ranges on there and to be honest some people don’t want to buy “practical” things, they want to buy some cutesy things which I totally get. (I’m more one those people!). O.B. Designs has some beautiful hanging mobiles for your nursery, and buntings that are gender neutral or gender specific. My daughter has fallen in love with their O.B.Designs Huggies Kate Koala. My older girls have even asked if they can have a turn sleeping with it. Everyone needs a lovable 'best friend'. 

Chicco make some great toys that really last (so important) and grow and develop with your baby. My 9 month old started playing with both her Chicco toys three months ago and is still learning different things from it and noticing different details so never tires of it.
A high chair:
Sometimes it is hard to think ahead past the newborn phase but starting solids comes around so quickly. A good high chair is worth the investment. A good suggestion is the Chicco Polly Ultra Soft High Chair, as it will grow with your child. It supports them from the initial stages of trying food because of its high back and head support. It also reclines which is perfect for drinking a bottle. The tray and chair are so easy to clean as they learn to eat properly and then as they learn to eat independently the tray detaches so it can be used as a first chair.

Something for you
I was given the All4Ella Milestone Blocks as a present and it has been beyond amazing. I am really enjoying capturing each month in a photo because I know time is flying and unfortunately the baby stage can end up as a blur. It is getting harder to snap the perfect shot with the blocks now that my little one is on the move – but that just makes me be more creative!  All4ella also have the Milestone Cards - which are super gorgeous. The Milestone Blocks and Cards come in a range of colours so you can select based on your style or your child's gender (and so they fit in well with all your photos)


So how can The Baby Industry help you with Your Baby Wishlist? Well let me tell you how it works and why it will help make product choices much easier.... 

Watch the the video included as it shows you how just easy it is to add products to your wishlist and all the features of it to make product sorting and selecting easier. 

You can over add products to your Wishlist if you cant decide what you like (so add a few options of carriers, toys, high chairs etc) and then remove the ones you don't want once you decide which product is best - OR use the product comparison feature before adding items to your Wishlist so you can compare them and decide which is best.

Then once you have the items in your Wishlist, you can either view all items or view via category and then still be able to filter via ratings, alphabetically and price - so always being able to find exactly what you want.

Then you can simply share it will family and friends  - you will need to make your profile public so they can view your wishlist (if its set to private - no one can view your list so it lets you control what others see) or use it as your shopping list to buy exactly what you need.

A Baby Wishlist is the perfect list to make sure you get exactly what you need and letting others know what you want. There are so many amazing baby brands and so many fantastic baby products - you are sure to find exactly what you need and want! 

Have fun creating your Wishlist !!! 


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