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Summer Loving Baby Products

Summer is coming and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Bring on walks with the pram, crawling through sand and getting all those cute baby rolls out on display. As always, there are some genius products that make life a little more comfortable for our children and therefore for us as parents!

Pram Accessories 

I have to admit that I steal this Dreambaby Stroller Fan and face it to me when I’m huffing and puffing up the hill on my walks. This fan is so clever. It’s safe enough to be near your baby because it stops if an inquisitive finger comes near it and it's fins are soft. It just easily clips on to any pram and provides a cool wave of cold air on hot days. It would also fit onto a travel cot  (and many other places) if you were travelling.

The Cozigo Sunshade is perfect for parents that like to get out and about with their pram and travelling on aeroplanes. It helps babies to sleep where ever they are as its reduces all light and glare as well as sitting like a cocoon so doesn't fall onto baby when on the pram. It fits on all strollers and aeroplane bassinets and really gives you peace of mind that your baby won’t overheat. With it's side zips, its easy to access your little one and super easy to use.  It also has amazing sun protection so when using it, you will have the confidence that it will protect your bub when out and about. Perfect for holidays as you can use it on the aeroplane and then with adjusting to jetlag and of course in your stroller when on the move. 

Car Safety

The Dreambaby Cling Car Shades have been so great because you just stick it on the car window in under one minute. It just attaches to the window when you run your fingers over it and will reduce the glare on those precious little eyes.  Easy to take off and on and with a UPF 50+ sun protection - it is sure to keep your little ones protected from the harsh rays when on the go. It comes in a pack of 2 so you can attach them to both sides if you have a car full of kids.


I drive my husband crazy asking him if he thinks I've dressed Indie in the right things at night and then if he tells me she is not hot then I lie awake wondering if she is cold and visa versa. You can see why I say that I drive him crazy! (but this weather does change alot from day to night so it is really hard to know, right?). That is why I really love the ergoLayers by ergoPouch because they tell you what to mix with which sleeping bag at which temperature. It is important to make sure your little one doesn't overheat during these warmer months and with the help from ergoPouch, it makes it that much easier.
 I'm currently using the ergoLayers Short Sleever in 0.2 Tog (perfect for summer) with the ergoPouch Jersey Sleeping Bag 1 Tog (trans-seasonal) which is perfect for this weather. When it gets really hot, you can use the ergoPouch Jersey Sleeping Bag in the 0.2 tog - which is lighter than the 1tog. 

Out and About

I have been through my fair share of Sippy Cups and this one is a winner. I always worry about babies overheating in summer so if you find a good sippy cup that you can carry wherever you go and is easy for baby to drink from then I feel the need to tell everyone about it. The b.box Sippy Cup doesn’t leak and whilst you would think that would be a given for a drinking cup, it really isn’t! It is easy for your little ones to hold and can be sipped from any angle so perfect for their first straw cup and beyond. It doesn’t break no matter how many times my baby throws it on the floor from her pram or high chair! And it’s dishwasher safe too of course.
The best part of summer is feeding your messy baby outside with minimal clothes on!! Less washing up! Win Win!! 

 I have been using my Babybjorn  Baby Carrier ONE Air since my baby was just weeks old and while its uses have changed, its still one of my favourite baby products of all time! Whilst I don’t need it for witching hour anymore, it is perfect for a Coles shop, a walk on the beach where the pram doesn’t push easily, a coffee and pod pit stop :)  and for travelling on a summer holiday. Indie is comfortable and happy in it (even happy for a quick snooze) and I love the cuddles. Its also great for the summer heat because of the meshy material it is actually very breezy. It is also brilliant that it can be rolled up quite tightly so it’s perfect for the beach bag or your holiday luggage. Throw in the washing machine every now and again and it looks like new!


Don’t forget that your baby’s skin can dry out with all this sun and sand. I really love the Gaia Natural Baby Skincare range as it provides baby's skin with all the hydration and nourishing elements to keep it soft like a 'baby's bum'. I wash as normal with the Hair and Body Wash but then  use the Baby Moisturiser as part of her bedtime routine as it gives the extra moisture she needs to keep her gorgeous skin soft. 
If you are going away, the perfect set is the Gaia Natural Baby Starter Kit as it has a small version of everything you need when  you are away. 

I also worry about my bubs skin with the mosquitoes so I always use the Pigeon Anti-Mosquito Wipes at dusk time and always have them on hand during the day. It takes two seconds to apply and lasts for hours so it really has become a part of my summer essentials. During summer this product is a must-have - trust me. Simply wipe on baby's skin. No spraying!! Perfect! 

Wishing you all a Happy Summer Holiday and be safe over the Holiday Season!


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