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Mastering Mealtimes

Nothing is more tedious than dinnertime with the kids every night. I cant help decide what’s for dinner for you, and I definitely can’t make it for you but I can tell you about a few things that make it a little easier each meal time.

The high chair – mums, this is a game changer. The Chicco Polly Ultrasoft High Chair was perfect to start solids with. The recommended age to start at the moment is from 4 months. At this stage a lot of babies struggle with neck control and holding their head up. Because the back is so high, this high chair makes it easy for them to concentrate on eating and not just on their posture. It also means they can sit for longer without tiring quickly. The tray is really substantially bigger than most others meaning that more food ends up on the tray than the floor which is also important when they are learning to coordinate their hand to mouth with finger food. It also detaches which is perfect for when you want your baby to join the family dinner at the table. You can change the heights too if you have a kitchen island or your baby wants to sit with their siblings like mine does.


One of my favourite features is that it reclines. I never realised how much I would use it but it turns out that I do every night. As soon as she has finished her dinner, I recline the seat so that she can have her bottle. It’s obviously comfortable because she has even fallen asleep a few times! The other favourite feature is that it’s wipe able. Easy to clean definitely makes dinner less tedious.  


Once you are finished with it, fold it easily and it stands in the corner of the kitchen. Voila!


The new Wean Meister Range is phenomenal. It’s easy to clean which is (as I’ve mentioned) so high on my priority list and dishwasher safe. It is also visually appealing for babies and kids. The Scoopsy Plates is perfect in encouraging self-feeding and my older children also love it, which takes the whinge out of dinnertime. The 3-section divider means that their most hated vegetables won’t touch their beloved pasta or their tolerated chicken.


The Wean Meister Sippy Skillz Cup is the sweetest little cup. It is perfect for babies to learn to drink out of cups with its little handles and wide base and cant be broken when they inevitably throw it on the floor because of its silicone feel. My older kids are loving using them for a strawberry milkshake or a delicious hot chocolate.


Their new Wean AdoraBowls and Wean Easy Rinse Bibs are always used at every mealtime too and now are even more gorgeous in their new designs.   


For all three of my children, I have always trusted Pigeon. I mix feed from the beginning so use one bottle a day initially and once weaned only use Pigeon bottles. The Pigeon Teats are meant to be the closest teat to a mother’s nipple which is why I believe I haven’t had a problem with breast and bottle feeding and changing it up as needed. They are BPA free and are so durable that I know that once I have bought them, I wont ever have to replace them. It is easy to hold which makes the morning time one of my favourites. We get into bed and I drink my coffee which she drinks her bottle. Bliss!


The b.box Smock Bib is perfect for babies and toddlers that insist on feeding themselves. You can allow them to be independent without worrying about all the spraying and soaking you are going to have to do after. The only one thing that is more tedious than meal time is any time spent in the laundry so these bibs are excellent at saving you time and taking the battles out of feeding your little mr/miss independent.


The b.box bowl XL + straw is a hit during breakfast time and dinnertime in this house. It’s fun for cereal in the morning and even better at getting the kids to eat my healthy soup for dinner. They are so busy slurping through the straw, they don’t realise they are sucking up their most detested vegetables – a real mum win! Once they are finishes you just remove the straw for easy cleaning or put the lid on it and they can finish it later. Also, because it’s designed by mums, its genius in that it has an easy stack and store design and is of course dishwasher/microwave safe. Your kids will LOVE these in any of the gorgeous colours.


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