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Getting your family winter ready….

Winter with babies isn’t fun.. gone are the days of nappies and singlets, seeing those cute little rolls and pram walks to the beach. Enter runny noses, layering up and blankets, beanies and socks.


The question I hear most about as a Sleep Consultant during winter is what to dress your baby in at night. Thankfully I can now direct all these mothers to the ergoLayers range by ergoPouch. The ergoLayers come in different tog (warmth) ratings so you know exactly which onesie to mix with what swaddle, sleeping bag or Sleep Suit Bag. They are also skin friendly and hypoallergenic which is really important in my family full of snifflers. Helping your baby stay warm and snug will definitely translate to more sleep for you, especially if your baby wakes between the colder times of the night between 3am-5am. I already have my 7 month old in the 3.5 tog ergoPouch Winter Sleep Suit Bag. I love it because of the coverage – the whole body, legs and arms are covered so I don’t have to worry about her getting cold at night. Pair these 2 items together or apart!


Don’t forget that playtime also has to be considered. Imagine on a cold day lying down on the floor.. we just wouldn’t do it would we? The All4Ella Knitted Blanket is perfect as a play mat for tummy time and my older girls have been known to steal it during movie nights. It’s so soft you will find yourself cuddle up to it with a cup of tea at night.



Rainy days are annoying to us as mothers because we never know how to entertain our kids but give them some gumboots and an All4Ella Inside Out Umbrella and they will be entertained for hours. The designs will suit every child (as there are so many to choose from) and they are super easy to use. The umbrella makes a waterproof cone so when closed the wetness doesn’t go everywhere. It also stands up by itself so you don’t need to worry about where you will store it, it’s a win for us and the little pilot, driver, princess, unicorn child will adore the designs that they can see when they hold it.


Rainy days are also hard when we need to get out and go for a walk. You can go stir crazy when you are home alone with a bub (and their brothers and sisters for the day).  Just pop on your Rain Cover and away you go. You might not stay dry but you can be sure your bub will be sheltered from every drop of rain.  A lot of strollers have raincovers included with the stroller or you can purchase one that is tailored made to fit your specific stroller. If yours doens't come with either of these 2 options - there is always the Dreambaby Weather Shield which is a universal rain cover and which fits most standard size strollers


Also make sure to use your bath thermometers during the cooler months. It is so easy to accidentally make it too hot because we are feeling so cold. Take the worry out of bath time with the Oricom Digital Lady Bug Bath and Room Thermometer. It just gives you peace of mind!


Stay warm everyone and look after yourself this winter

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