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When I had my first child I had a full registry bought for me with toys for every stage of development. I had black and white toys for the beginning when babies can only see black and white, I had toys perfect for tummy time, toys stuck to the highchair, to the pram and on the change table. Now that I’m onto baby number three I am all about the less is more approach. I use brands that I can trust and toys that are versatile and will grow as my baby does.
The Bubba Mat.
I’m sure Bubba Mat doesn’t really want to hear it but this is something that has lasted 7 years in my house and has had hours of playtime on it so buy one and you’ll have it for several years and can be used in several rooms. The quality is so good that you’ll buy it once and it will last forever. I have actually got a second one now so I can have one indoors and one outside. Trust me – this is a great investment. They all look amazing (on both sides, they all have reversible designs) and can go on timber, tiles, slate and carpet. It is also perfect to go under the high chair or kids dinner table as they get older. It is wipeable which is a must with babies, toddlers and beyond. I’ve done a little photo collage here just to show you all the different uses over the years with one of my Bubba Mat in the Contemporary design. I am really loving their new designs though especially the Cosmo. It looks so good with my floor boards. 
Chicco Toys
As I said, I am all about quality over quantity and Chicco is an excellent quality brand that I can trust. I have two toys from Chicco and they are both such hits with Indie. The Chicco Happy Shopper 3 in 1 Walker is a bilingual toy that is perfect now while my 8 month old is sitting because it has things to do on it as well as objects to mix and match. It will then turn into a walker for her when she decides to actually start moving and will provide stability for those clumsy first steps. My older girls are learning from it because it speaks English and Italian and they love mimicking it.

The other favourite of the moment is the Chicco Teddy Count with Me also in Italian and English. Initially it was just a gorgeous soft cuddly toy for my bub to play with but now that she is a little older, she is learning that by pressing buttons on the tummy, feet and hands she can listen to nursery rhymes, numbers and fruit and animals. It is so interactive that I find it’s the toy that will keep her busy the longest – which in turn gives me more time to do homework with the older kids, cook or (sadly) fold the bottomless pit that is washing.. all the things that us mothers need time and two hands to do!
The Brilli Baby Cup Catcher
Don’t be fooled by the name..this is the catcher for everything. I used to forever lose toys, I mean when you are wrangling kids and trying to get them to school and preschool, who notices if you a toy gets lost in the flurry. Now I use the Cup Catcher and attach one toy to the pram bars or to the car seat so it never gets lost. I have also been attaching it to the shopping trolley to help me get through the whole of Woolies without having to try and entertain at the same time. Just attach a Sophie the Giraffe, a sippy cup or a teddy and know that it will never get lost. WINNING!
There are so many cheap toys on the market, just buy wisely. You want things that are really going to last the distance. Before just buying what’s cute – have a look at it, feel it, have a little play even. If you are interested, chances are your baby will be too!

Happy playing!

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