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Who needs more sleep ?

Different ages bring on different sleep issues and therefore I recommend different sleep products at all the various stages. Babies aren’t known for their brilliant sleeping habits so we are lucky that we have amazing products to help buy US mothers some sleep.
So starting with swaddling, it would be crazy of me not to mention the Rapt by Bellies and Beyond range. Bamboo is better for your bub and for the environment, and I just can’t get enough of it right now. It is light and breathable, and gentler on babies skin. People often assume because it is so light, the benefits are only for summer months but actually, bamboo keeps you warm by regulating temperature so your baby will stay cosy and content all night long. With gorgeous designs including monochrome, colour and even leopard - there is something for everyone! 

The right fitted cot sheets are also essential for a good nights sleep and Bellies and Beyond has just launched their new range. 

ergoPouch are really helping babies stay warm this winter. The cold will result in an unsettled baby/toddler and no one wants that! Mothers often ask me why their babies are waking so early in the morning and often the most obvious reason is because they are cold. Blankets are not ideal until they are in a proper bed and developmentally can pull them up themselves. Sleeping bags ensure your babies are snug all night. The ergoPouch Sleep Bag is breathable, gentle on the skin and oh so cute. The designs are really beautiful and you can team it up with the ergoLayers onesie for extra warmth (and piece of mind for you). 

I am also recommending (for any age) the Oricom Aroma Diffuser Nigh Light. It is a really aesthetically beautiful night light that changes colour and all you have to do is add your favourite essential oil and watch it go. It is completely safe as it switches off when the water is low, and it actually doesn’t get hot at all. We like to add eucalyptus to it but find out what works for you! I also have my very trusted Oricom Secure870 3.5" Touchscreen Video Baby Monitor with Motorised Pan Tilt Camera and Starry Light in the room at all times so I can keep  an eye on her when I need too.  It’s busy playing music so thank you Oricom!
Don’t forget to have your nightly rituals when putting Bub down every night. These rituals will become ingrained in your little ones mind and become their very own sleep cues. After my little one has been riled up by its older siblings every night, we often will do a little massage to just calm her down. The Gaia Natural Baby Massage Oil is so beautiful that you’ll want it for yourself! You don’t need to be a massage therapist for this to help soothe your baby - just squirt a little onto the palm of your hands, rub them together and then massage it into your babies skin. If they are enjoying it, let it last as long as they lie still. Side note: It’s amazing for cradle cap so you can massage it into the scalp too!
Hope you find these sleep tips and products helpful! Sweet Dreams..

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