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Mother’s Day for the Mum-to-be

Husbands of pregnant women take note: Don’t think that you have the year “off” Mother’s Day because your pregnant wife doesn’t actually have a baby yet. Yes you can use all your good ideas next year (breakfast in bed is a must!) but this year isn’t so easy for your wife either. In her mind she is already a mum, she is tired, she is sore and she needs a present more than ever. Here are some ideas you can add to the flowers and chocolate you have already bought her…

Summer Infant Comfort Me Body Pillow
This was an absolute godsend for me. It is so hard to get comfortable at night with that big tummy and snuggling up with this helped me to get the zzz’s I so desperately needed. I know you would love to snuggle up with her, but trust me she would rather snuggle up with the pillow, no offence intended of course!

New Beginnings Active Maternity Bra       
Don’t even consider buying sexy lingerie, maybe one day far into the future. Really far. But for now we still have to protect our lovely lady bumps... so have a look at the New Beginnings Maternity range - it's just fabulous for both mum-to-be and mums. I loved it because it grows with you (and boy did I grow!) and it lasted through pregnancy, feeding and beyond.

Storkak+Bugaboo Nylon Bag
Yes I know you’ve bought bags before, but this is different this time! The Bugaboo bag is perfect for a new mum. It has everything the baby needs whilst still looking gorgeous! You’ll get brownie points for this one I promise! (You don’t have to have a Bugaboo Stroller to get this Storksak+Bugaboo Bag)
Love Your Bump Belly Belt
I am not a lover of maternity clothes. Whilst I loved rubbing my pregnant belly and feeling the kicks inside me, I loved my own clothes and got frustrated daily by having nothing to wear. The Belly Belt helps keep your partner in her favourite pair of jeans for longer which will make her happier and therefore you happier. Winning on all counts!
Tinybeans Online Photo Journal
As parents, there are times where we feel we aren't knocking this parenting gig out of the park. What if there was a way to look back and see what a great life you're giving your kids?  Tinybeans is the best and easiest way to create and share a timeless keepsake of your child to look back on for years to come. Upload a photo (or hundreds!) a day - no moment is too big or too small. This Mother’s Day, Tinybeans is here to help you feel like a better parent.
Know that  you’re capturing your little one's life in the most loving space on the internet and give yourself that well-deserved peace of mind.
Don’t forget a little bit of TLC goes a long way to a pregnant woman. So massage those swollen tired feet or hers, set up Netflix and give her a vat of ice cream.
You are welcome :) 

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