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A recipe for a good eater

Food is always topical with mothers groups. There are the fussy eaters, the messy eaters, those that don’t stop eating all day and of course the tricky ones. With three children I’ve experienced all of these, all at different times. Sometimes you can’t change the recipes you follow any more than you already have, and you cant change the child you have  (even though you might want to!) so you can purchase some products to help you along the way.
All child nutritionists encourage babies and children to be able to smell and touch the food and get used to different textures. I do let my baby touch and squelch and mash it all so I have every kind of bib you can imagine. All4Ella have almost every kind of bib you could want (in cute designs and gorgeous colours) so you will definitely find one that suits you and your bub. They have Long Sleeve Bibs for those that seem to get it everywhere, Pullover Head Bibs which is on repeat in my house at the moment since my one year old tries to pull them all off and Velcro Roll Neck Bibs which are also good for catching drips and drops from bottles and also look good.  I used them non stop for my very refluxy baby.
A highchair:
Obviously a good high chair is vital. It really has to suit your needs and I have found one that is perfect for my family. The Babybjorn High Chair is one of my favourites and one you can always trust. It is only 5kg making it so light and easy to move around. I am constantly moving it to the family table, the kitchen bench and outside for bbqs. It folds up when you aren’t using it and it is only about 25cm when folded so you can stick it in the corner if you are tight on space. It is very good looking so you won’t mind having it in your house and it so easy to clean (probably my favourite feature). There are no crevices and gaps that food can get stuck in and you can stick the tray into the dishwasher to be cleaned. It doesn’t have any straps but the tray table is used as a lock and cannot be opened by even the craftiest toddlers! It also comes assembled which suits my (ahem ahem) not so handy husband.  You literally just stick the four legs and it is ready to go.
Crockery, Cutlery and Cups:
Make sure you also have all the goods to go with your high chair and bibs. The BabyBjorn Feeding Set comes with a (really cute) soft bib with an adjustable neckband, and a scoop at the bottom to catch any food that misses the mouth and is also super easy to clean. It also comes with a cute plate which looks like a cloud and is easy for the kids to scoop out of due to its design and easy-to-use cutlery to help your child learn as they grow.
The Tommee Tippee  Closer to Nature Insulated Training Straw Cup or the Sippee Cup  are both easy to use and has been great for Indie from about 9m+.  Tommee Tippee have a large range of cups to suit your little one's age making sure they are drinking from the correct cup as they grow. They are also non spill so that makes clean up time a little easier. Click Here to view all of the Tommee Tippee Cups to see which is most suitable for your little one's age or stage. Simply click filters for  age, volume or type of cup 
Whatever kind of eater your child is, keep trying! It can be so frustrating representing the same food that they haven’t touched over and over again but you’ll get there! I am known to do a happy dance when my children even so much as smell a green vegetable!

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So informative. Thank you !


Love the products !! Definitely going to buy some!

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