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 Sleep Matters – your questions answered

No matter how many blogs I write on sleep, no matter how many products I talk about, there is always so much interest. I get it, which mother doesn’t want more sleep? And even when we have good sleepers, we still are always worried that something will change and our lucky will run out. So I will answer a few of the most popular questions I get asked and mention a few of my favourite sleep products I have been using lately.

1. Night light.. To use or not?
YES! Use for sure! We don’t want out children and babies feeling alone in a dark room. We don’t want them being scared of shadows and fearful of their rooms, we want them to realise that their bedroom is a relaxing place and should be their sanctuary just like it is for us as parents. In my girl’s rooms at the moment is the Oricom AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light. It is really easy to use as a night-light and its beautiful to watch as it changes colours. It also uses cool mist, which you can make smell amazing with some essential oils. We are enjoying the lavender smell wafting out of the nursery at the moment and it can’t be bad with all the viruses going around at the moment!
2. Monitor..? Won’t it make us crazy as parents?
ALWAYS use one!  Some mothers think that if you have one, you will be glued to the screen of the monitor all night but it’s actually the opposite. Rather, you can eat your dinner, relax and even sleep better having piece of mind that your baby is snoozing beautifully. The Oricom Secure870 3.5" Touchscreen Video Baby Monitor with Motorised Pan Tilt Camera and Starry Lightshow is what I always recommend to all my clients for sleep consulting. We have found it so helpful since our baby was a tiny newborn and are enjoying the different features, as she gets older. We have moved on from the white noise and womb noises that it comes with and now we change up all the different classical music on it to drown out the sounds of her big sisters next door or the dog barking. It’s also amazing because you can move the camera around with the touch of a button so as your baby starts wriggling around the cot (like mine does) you can still see them.
3. What do I dress my baby in?
The question is especially hot right now (see what I did there?!) as the weather is changing and we are leaving behind winter and welcoming summer. The days are warm but the nights are a little cool still and that 3-5am hours are the coldest part of the night which means babies are especially likely to wake in that period. The Ergopouch Layers from ergoPouch are perfect for any weather. You can choose which tog suits the temperature of your home better. And then the sleeping bags can also be mixed and matched over it making sure your little one is always at the optimum temperature when sleeping. We are getting ready to put away the 1 tog rated ergoLayers and start using the short-sleeved 0.2 tog ergoLayers rather. However ergoPouch also have Long Sleeved 0.2 tog ergoLayers if you prefer longer sleeves when they sleep. (They are all so soft and the prints this Spring/Summer are all really gorgeous). By the time the hotter months of summer come, don’t even worry about Layers underneath – the sleeping bag will suffice with just a nappy.

The ergoPouch Sleeping Bags come in so many different beautiful prints and all the various sizes so you will definitely find the perfect one for your baby. They also come in different summer appropriate togs so you can use them all through summer. They are so stretchy which makes them so comfortable for bubs to move around in. My 11 month old stands up and down in her cot like a jack in a box with it! Anything that would be tight and restrict movement would make her frustrated and uncomfortable. Sleeping bags will make sure you little one is kept covered during the night and safe during sleep time. 
4. Cot bumpers, are they necessary?
Obviously traditional cot bumpers are not deemed safe until your little one is approx 12 months but I confidently use the Airwrap as it allows for airflow and breathability. When my daughter started moving she would often cry out at night and I would find random little marks and bruises on her in the morning. Since I started using the 4-sided Airwrap – it hasn’t happened even once! They are also necessary for dummy/soother users as they are kept inside and can’t fall through the gaps. They now also come in really cute patterns and colours so it compliments your nursery. Definitely a must-have for your cot! 
5. Are all sheets and blankets created equal?
Absolutely not! You can actually feel what is softer for your babies skin. Some sheets are very coarse or wash badly. My baby has sensitive skin (as do a lot of newborns) so I need to be very picky with what I use for her. The Little Bamboo range is so smooth and super soft and won’t irritate the skin at all. I use the Little Bamboo Cot Sheet however you can purchase sheets in other sizes as well as blankets, hooded towels, washers, muslin wraps and more. The comfort will promote good sleep too – every little bit helps!
6. Blankys/comforters/cuddlies?
For sure! A blanky waiting in a bed is exciting for a baby and it helps make the babies more adaptable as they see it as a sleep cue. Also perfect for starting day care or hopefully sleeping at the grandparent’s houses so you can have a night off. It is a great attachment for a baby to have. Choose something small and soft and easy to throw in a bag. The Little Linen Company Lovie fits all the criteria so buy a few in case one goes missing! The hardest decision is which cutie comforter to buy for your little one as they are all so gorgeous. 

Hope those sleep tips help… Every little minute of sleep we get as parents is precious!

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I have an Airwrap and it's just brilliant !! Gives you peace of mind that bub is safe in their cot

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