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Baby Care
Taking care of baby is our priority at all times. Bathtime, changetime, or healthcare time - we know how important your little cargo is so you will find everything you will need here for this important time. Baby baths, baby bath seats, baby thermometers, baby change mats, potties, toilet trainers and step stools are some of the great items you will may need.
baby devices
baby health
Your baby’s health is of the utmost importance. Making sure baby is safe at all times is our number one priority. If your baby has a temperature -, baby thermometers are perfect for monitoring their temperature and there are a great range of non-evasive thermometers available. Baby Humidifiers will be a great addition in the cooler months, and baby grooming sets include everything you will need for keeping baby groomed and healthy. Other handy items include baby toothbrushes, baby scissors, baby combs, baby hair brushes, baby nail clippers and baby emery boards.
Bath time can be lots of fun if you are equipped. It can also be a challenge if are not quite prepared: kneeling on the floor can be uncomfortable, getting the perfect water temperature can be a struggle, washing baby can cause tears and the water can just be scary!  Lucky there are some fabulous baby bathtime products to make bath time, fun time. There are great range of baby baths, bath supports, baby bath seats, baby bath aids, bath thermometers, baby towels, face washers, non-slip mats and appliques, padded kneeling space and last but certainly not least – babies all-time favourite -  baby bath toys. 
Changing baby is not always an easy task. Making sure you have the right accessories on hand will make nappy change time a little easier. Change tables, change mats, portable change mats, change mat covers, nappy disposable systems, wipes, and nappy caddys are just a few of the handy items you will find super helpful when changing your baby at Nappy Change Time.
changing tables
Don’t underestimate the amount of time you will spend changing your baby’s nappy and your need for a change table. It is important to have a dedicated area for nappy changes that is at the right height for you, to prevent back strain each time you bend to change a nappy. A change table is used to place your baby on while you are changing their nappy or dressing and undressing them. Many change tables include an area to store nappies, toiletries and some clothes. Change tables generally include protective side rails. Some include open shelves where everything is in sight and easy to reach, and other change tables have set of drawers. Drawers may offer a little more versatility for later storage after your child has outgrown the change table. And remember; never leave your baby unattended on a change table, even for the briefest moment.
toilet training
There's no exact age for being ready to potty or toilet train your little one. However, when you and your little ones are ready for this big step, we have everything you will need for this next milestone including potties, toilet trainers, step stools and more. 
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