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We love Feeding Time!! Whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding, or starting solids - we have everything you will need for feeding your little one. There is a huge range of Bottles, Breast Pumps, Feeding Pillows, Cutlery, Crockery and Storage containers to suit your needs. High Chairs are available for home and when out and about. Portable high chairs allow you to feed baby anywhere and anytime.
breast feeding
If breastfeeding doesn't come naturally from the beginning, there is nothing to worry about. There are lots of new mums and babies that have to practice and persevere until they get the hang of it and it feels comfortable. There are also lots of great products available to assist you such as breast pumps, soothing products, creams and breast pads.
bottle feeding
You will find handy and useful bottle-feeding items to make bottle feeding a breeze. There is a fantastic range of bottles available so you can choose the right one for your baby which include wide neck bottles, standard or slim neck bottles as well as different size bottles to cater for different ages. Electric Sterilisers, microwave sterilisers, liquid cleanser, bottle drying racks, bottle brushes, dishwasher baskets for nipples, teats, bottle caps, formula dispensers. and lots more great baby products are all available to asisst you while feeding baby. 
nursing pillows
Nursing Pillows or Feeding Pillows allow for you to comfortably nurse or feed your baby as well as bond with your little one. Perfect for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. There are a variety of different nursing pillows allowing you to find the one that is most comfortable for you. They offer different support and positioning making sure both you and your baby are in the most comfortable position while being fed.
soothers | teethers
Some of us love them and some of us prefer not to use them, but dummies or as some call them baby comforters or baby soothers have been used to calm and settle babies. Some babies are soothed by the sucking motion so the dummy is used as a form of comfort. Dummies are available in a variety of sizes to suit babies ages as well as different teat shapes so you may need to try a few before your baby chooses one they love the most.  Teethers are a great and necessary accessory to help baby sooth their gums when they start teething. There is a fabulous range of Baby Teethers available making sure your little one is as comfortable as possible during the teething process with some designed to be refrigerated to make them cold as the coldness can help sooth any discomfort from teething.
solid feeding

So it’s time for you to introduce solids to your little one.  You will need cutlery and crockery designed and suited for you to either feed your baby or when they are old enough for them to feed themselves. There is a large variety of baby plates, baby bowls, baby spoons, and baby forks as well as baby cutlery sets.

As babies develop and grow, eating and self-feeding skills will develop over time, and the way they hold a fork or spoon will gradually change and improve. With so much available on the market, you can select utensils that help at every stage of baby’s development.

Food steamers and blenders, food warmers and  amazing storage containers are also available to help make solid feeding a little easier.

When choosing a cup for your baby – be mindful of their age - as there are a great range of cups available suitable from 4m with each stage having a different drinking mechanism.  There are non-spill cups, weaning cups, teat cups, straw cups, grown up cups, and sportster cups. As you can see - cups for every age so you are sure to find one that you little one will love to drink from.
feeding accessories
There are a lot of great feeding accessories to help make Feeding Time a little less messy. Bibs, placemats, and messy mats are some of the great baby products that would be a welcomed edition during feeding time. Bibs are a must-have accessory when starting to solid-feed. They are also fantastic if you baby is dribbling. There is an incredible range of super absorbent bibs, long-sleeve bibs, plastic bibs, pocket bibs to catch any mess as well as very fashionable bibs such as bandana styles. Messy Mats are placed on the floor under your high chair as a protective covering keeping the food that is dropped (or thrown) off your floor. 
high chairs | booster seats
A high chair is a designated place to feed your baby. Depending on space in your home and your budget there are many types of high chairs to choose from. If space is an issue at home or if you are out and about alot - there are portable high chairs or hook-on-highchairs which attach onto a table or bench top. There are also high chairs available that do not have an in-built tray which encourages your child to sit at an adult table to eat his meals encouraging family meals together.
feeding books
Introducing solids to your little one can be a daunting experience. What foods to feed them, how much to feed them and what is best for them ?  We have a great selection of weaning books, meal planners, puree recipe books, cook books and more to make your baby's start to solids and feeding them for many years after as easy as possible. 
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