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One important baby product for you and your baby will be when selecting a pram, stroller or buggy. Your child will most likely spend a lot of time in the pram or stroller and you will spend a lot of time folding and pushing it, so it is important to choose a pram or stroller that is comfortable for both you to push and use, and for your baby to sit and/or sleep in, one that is easy to use and fold and one that will suit your lifestyle, needs and budget.
You need to consider what you’re most likely to be doing – quick trips in and around the city or in shopping centres, or long walks or public transport, and which pram or stroller would work best to match your lifestyle.

4 Wheelers

To help you decide on the pram or stroller that will suit your needs and lifestyle, consider your daily routine and how you will be using your pram or stroller. Will it be quick trips around the shopping centre or catching a lot of public transport in which case a lightweight, easy-to-fold stroller would be ideal or if walks in the park, larger wheels will be required. There is probably no one stroller that will suit every outing or situation so work out what you will most likely to be doing, and which stroller or pram would work best to match your lifestyle.

3 Wheelers

If you enjoy being outdoors, at the park or on rougher terrain then a three wheeled stroller is a good option. Three-Wheeled strollers offer a smooth ride compared to a stroller or pram as many of them have wheels that are generally larger than on a pram or stroller, plus many offer all-terrain suspension systems.

twin | side by side

When choosing a double or twin stroller you should consider a few factors such as if the stroller is for twins or 2 children of different ages. If for 2 children of different ages you may want a stroller that can convert to a single stroller aswell so you can use the stroller for both one or 2 children. Another determining factor is lifestyle – lightweight for around shopping centres and in and out of cars or if it will be for outdoors, something more robust and easy to manoeuvre on rougher terrain


Tandem strollers are perfect for parents with one or more children, and a perfect way to move one or two children around. A second seat can be attached to the stroller turning a single stroller into a stroller for 2 children. And the seats are configured one in front of the other. 

running strollers

A running stroller will keep your baby safe and comfortable while you run on rough terrain or outdoor spaces. The larger wheels are one of the stand out features for running strollers. Running strollers only have three wheels and are generally much larger in size than traditional strollers or buggies. The front wheel should always be locked when running.

travel systems

Travel systems are a pram, stroller or buggy that allows for an infant car seat/ capsule to attach onto the frame of the pram, stroller or buggy. This allows parents to move their baby from the car to the stroller without needing to wake them as you simply click the capsule out the car and click it onto the pram, stroller or buggy. For most prams, strollers or buggies, you will require additional car seat adaptors when attaching the capsule to your pram, stroller or buggy.

pram accessories

There are generally lots of optional accessories that are suitable for the pram or stroller you choose. Some of the accessories you may need could be universal so are not specifically made for a particular brand or type of stroller and some accessories are made specifically for your pram, stroller or buggy so they fit perfectly. Some examples of the accessories that you may need are: Sun cover, rain cover, mosquito net, pram liner, footmuff, stroller organiser, travel bag,  stroller clips/ stroller hooks, toddler buggy board, carry cot, travel system adapter, cup holder. As you can see there are many optional accessories to help make being out and about with your little one in their stroller easier. 

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