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Car Safety

The Australian Standard for child restraints or car seats is considered to be one of the strictest in the world, with all child restraints available in Australia meeting the current standard. When choosing a child restraint, it is essential to make sure its suitable and safe for your child’s age and also to ensure it is suitable for your vehicle, particularly if you have a small car or older vehicle or if its isofix compatible.
Although all baby car seats must pass the same safety standards, some car seats actually exceed them with additional safety features. Some also may have additional accessories and are more luxurious. There are also Convertible Booster Seats which convert from a car seat to a booster seat for your growing child. Booster seats are also available for your older child. When selecting your car seat or booster seat, please check that your child meets the height and age requirements.

baby capsules

Children up to the age of six months must be secured in an approved rearward facing restraint. However, some rearward facing capsules will accommodate older children up to 12 months old. A capsule also allows you to remove your baby from the car while still in the capsule; this means that you will not have to wake your baby up every time you get in and out of the car. Capsules can also be clicked onto a stroller however most will need adaptors and only specific capsules will attach to specific strollers.

convertible car seats

A convertible car seat is suitable for newborn through to approx 4 years old. Your newborn will face backwards until they are at least 6 months old, then they can be turned around to face forward. Before moving your little one to a forward-facing position, check that your child meets the correct height indicators and is of the right age. Convertible car seats are available in both isofix models and standard car seat models depending on your requirements and car suitability.

forward facing car seats

A forward-facing child restraint or car seat is used for an infant that is at least 6 months old and is suitable up until approximately 4 years old.  A forward facing car seat is held in place by the car seat belt and a top tether strap.

isofix car restraints
In Australia, ISOFIX Car seats are only approved and available up until the age of 4 years old.  An Australian approved ISOFIX compatible child car seat connects to a vehicle's ISOFIX low anchorages and top tether anchorage point by using the child restraint’s rigid or flexible lower attachment connectors and top tether strap.
convertible booster seat
Convertible Booster Seats are suitable from approximately 6 months up until approximately 8 years of age. Convertible Booster Seats allow for your child to be fully harnessed in up until the age of approximately 4 years. After which it converts into a booster seat with use of a lap-sash seatbelt.
harnessed car seats
Harnessed Car Seats are for use in forward-facing position only with built-in harness for children whose shoulders are above the lower shoulder height marker (approx. 6 months of age). Children are restrained and safer for longer.
booster seats
A booster seat is suitable for older children from approx 4 years old up until 8 - 10 years old. The shoulder height markers will help guide you on when your child will be able to move into a booster seat and when they have outgrown it. Use an adult lap/sash seat belt when using a booster seat.
car accessories
There are a great range of car accessories to assist in transporting your children safely when on the move which include sunshades, messy mats, kick mats, waterproof seat pads, rearview mirrors, baby on board signs, car organisers, travel toys and much more.
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