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Baby Proofing and Baby Safety at home is essential in making sure baby stays safe at all times. We have everything you will need to make sure your little one stays out of unsafe areas, cupboards and drawers that they should not be in. Whether its Baby Gates or Barriers, Playpens, or Safety Appliances - we have you covered.
baby monitors
Baby Monitors are a great baby product that allow you to hear or watch your baby when awake or asleep and alerts you when they cry or make a sound without you needing to be in the same room with them. There are a great range of baby monitors ranging from audio, video, and breathing and movement and includes amazing features to make sure both you and baby can sleep safe and sound at all times.  Whether it’s a soothing nightlight, room temperature display, lullabies or infrared camera for night vison you are looking for – there will be a monitor that will have you covered. 
safety barriers | gates
Baby Safety Barriers and Baby Gates are very important to make sure that your baby is kept out of areas that can be dangerous or harmful to young kids. There is a large range so you are sure to find a Baby Gate or Baby Barrier that is suitable for your home. Baby Safety Gates are generally a standard door width however you can purchase extensions for many gates that allow you to increase the size to fit your required space.
baby playpens
Baby Playpens are a great idea for keeping your little one in a safe confined space in a room anywhere around the house. Some Baby Playpens include an open and close door for easy access for the parents and most allow for extensions to be added so you can increase the size of your playpen.
safety accessories
Keeping your little one out of drawers and cupboards is quite the task. With so many items hidden away we need to make sure that these potentially dangerous items are kept out of reach at all times. Safety latches, locks and other safety appliances are all available for drawers, cupboards, doors, TVs, windows, stoves and many other areas at home. A safe home is a happy home.
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