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As baby grows and develops, and becomes more facinated with the world around them - they are eager to hear new sounds, be exposed to new sights, and be involved with new activities. Toys are a great way to introduce your baby to new experiences that will help them grow, develop and learn. Play is an important part of baby's development.
activity centres
Baby entertainers and activity centres such as baby jumpers, baby walkers, baby exersaucers, and activity tables are perfect for keeping baby entertained while helping them to reach their developmental miletones. Many of these items will grow with your child as they develop.
bouncers | swings
Baby entertainers such as bouncers, swings, and rockers are perfect for keeping baby calmed or entertained for hours. Baby Bouncers allow for your child's own movements to bounce the chair, while swings generally have multiple swing settings, speeds , music and mobiles keeping baby smiling and settled.
playmats | gyms
Playgyms are a portable activity playground for little ones suitable from birth. They have multiple stages and milestones for baby’s growth and development. Baby playgyms encourage curiosity, exploration and tummy time. Some playgyms will include multi sensory toys and fabric activities such as crinkling and squeaking.
baby seats
There are so many amazing colourful, musical, developmental, soft & plush, and wooden toys available on the market. It’s hard to choose from the huge range available however most toys will advise an appropriate age so you can be guided by this information on what is most beneficial for your child to encourage growth and development.
Books are for all ages - and its great to start introducing books to your children from a very young age. You can even start reading to your little one when they are in your womb. Books are wonderful items for your little ones to engage in. Whether you are reading stories, teaching them wonderful things about this world or educating them about amazing wonders that exist, your children will love being part of adventures and story times. 
educational toys
Baby’s development can be fun while educational aswell. Stacking & sorting, numbers & counting, blocks & building sets, puzzles, activity toys, games and arts and crafts are perfect for keeping baby entertained while encouraging growth and development for every age milestone
bath toys
Bath Toys make Bath Time much more fun for everyone. Bath Toys allow you to keep your little one entertained as well as allowing them to learn new things. There are so many amazing toys that squirt, squeak, stick, move and are just fabulous for all stages of growth and development.
mini prams
Let your little ones feel like grown ups pushing their own little prams with dolls. Watch them role play while they grow and learn. These wonderful mini prams will keep your little one's entertained for hours while they look after their dolls just like their mums and dads look after them. 
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