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Making sure baby sleeps safe and sound every day and night is essential for both your baby and parents well being. Swaddling your little one will help settle them;  we have a great range of swaddles and sleeping bag options to suit their needs. An amazing range of fantastic sheets, blankets, pillows, night lights and security blankets are all available to assist in making sure baby is well looked after.
bedding accessories
A safe and sound night's sleep for your baby gives you peace of mind (and more sleep for you). Sleeping aids such as baby positioners, bumpers, sleeping wedge pillows, bedrails and security baby blankets can encourage longer sleeps and keep your baby safe while sleeping.
Making sure your little one is kept at the right temperature and warm during the cooler months is important. There is a great range of baby blankets in cotton, waffle velour, and wool as well as in multiple sizes to make sure your baby is well covered no matter whether at home or on the move. Baby Blankets are also available in a great range of designs and colours
mattress protectors
Baby Mattress Protectors are an important accessory to use when baby is sleeping so your mattress is protected at all times.  Use a mattress protector to protect the mattress from soils. Ensure that the waterproof baby mattress protector is strong and a tight fit.
nursery decor
Nursery decor offers you a perfect place to nest and welcome your new arrival. Explore an extensive range of baby nursery decor products to create the perfect nursery for your new arrival. There are so many beautiful baby nursery products to help personalise your style and create your masterpiece.
Baby Bedding includes everything you will need to help give you little one the best night’s sleep in their bassinet, cradle, co-sleeper or cot. There is an extensive range of baby sheets to fit your baby’s choice of bed as well as a stunning range of baby blankets in a variety of styles, colours and sizes.
sleeping aids
swaddles | sleeping bags
Swaddling your baby helps ensure your baby sleeps safe and sound at sleeptime. There are a large variety of baby swaddles or baby wraps available today making sure you can choose the perfect one when putting your baby to sleep from the original muslin or jersey wraps, to zip-up swaddles and swaddle wraps making sure your baby sleeps for as long as they should. Baby Sleeping Bags are a safe and clever alternative to using blankets that will keep your baby at the correct temperature throughout their sleeptime. They come in a variety of different TOGs for warmer, cooler or transitional months.
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