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At Britax we’re convinced we have the best job in the world— helping parents enjoy every twist and every turn that is the amazing journey of ‘parenthood’.

We believe that becoming a ‘parent’ is really about becoming yourself! We also believe family life should be lived without limits: a world where parents are free to be themselves and children are free to grow, develop and explore with confidence. That is why our two key pillars are ‘Safety Leadership’ and ‘Everyday Family Freedom’.

Whatever way, whatever you decide, it's up to you! We are here to celebrate the journey with you and this is why all of our products are designed to make things possible so you feel free to live family life your own way!

It is not about how fast you get there - it’s about arriving to your destination of choice ‘safe-n-sound’.

We are highly committed to one thing and one thing only – keeping your family safe as they grow!

And, we think it’s our responsibility to make this happen:

By driving safety standards to ensure children have never been better protected on the move.

By pushing boundaries in smart design to make life in motion run smoothly.

By going above and beyond testing our products.

By being safety leaders.

By being there for you during all your firsts.

Doing what’s easiest is not always right. That means continuous research.  That means insisting on the toughest tests.  That means not just complying but championing even safer standards.  Because keeping your most precious cargo safe sits on our shoulders. We promise to always go further in keeping your children safer.  So you can focus on enjoying the journey as you drive, stroll and explore – together!


Britax is THE global leader in Child Restraint Safety design and manufacture.

Britax Safe-n-Sound understand how to protect a child in a crash better than anyone else in Australia and we use this knowledge to design better and safer Child Restraints.

Every Britax Safe-n-Sound seat we sell comes with almost 50 years of experience and total focus on safety.

First to gain certification by Standards Australia when the Australian Standard for Child Seats was created.

As the worlds #1 brand in Child restraint Safety, we are always consulted by Standards Australia to assist in developing improved Safety Standards that reflect real Australian conditions.

We test and re-test so thoroughly that we exceed Australian Standards. For example we sample test each bath of harness buckles to open and close 50,000 times. That is 45,000 times MORE than required beyond the Australian Standard.

Britax is the ONLY Child Restraint brand in the world with crash sleds on 4 Continents. We can test products and situations better than every competitor.

We are the only company in Australia that can test its own products.  Our testing facilities help us to test, invent and innovate so our products continue to save lives/be the safest and best.

We crash test Child Restraints on every production day. 1 in 1000 seats are tested.  No other child seat brand even comes close to this.

Britax work closely with vehicle manufacturers worldwide to develop and design improvements that enhance the performance of our Child Restraints.

Our crash sled tests are filmed/recorded and we assess how our crash test dummies head and body move, how the Child Restraint shell flexes, how the harness, buckle and mountings perform and much more. Every day. And we are constantly evaluating how to further improve each process.  Because nothing is more important than saving lives.

At Britax we are driven to innovate bringing the world’s best designs and safety innovations into practice.  To Australian families, this means being able to rely on Britax for the safest possible seats for your child.

We don’t shop for safety off the shelf. We listen, we question and push the boundaries to safer products.  Each day we are focussed on creating safer Child restraints as well delivering more comfort for children and ease of use for parents/carers. All day. Everyday.

Britax’s wheeled goods are developed in both Europe and the US. Their R&D Teams are committed to constant research and development

 Mother & Baby 2015 Award SILVER WINNER: Britax e-brake 

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