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bubba mat

Softmats has produced Bubba Mat the Original Multipurpose Playmat since 2006. With a premium quality soft cushioned feel and reversible designs, the Bubba Mat was simply produced to be the best quality and safest play mat for babies and toddlers. Our focus has always been to produce the very best product that we use in our own homes for our own children, and to support local retailers and their customers with our premium products and great service.
(Because they are awesome) Bubba Mat has been produced to be the very safest and best quality playmat without compromise. Families can purchase a Bubba Mat and know that only the very best materials have been used in production, and that the product has undergone full testing to all international standards including EN71, ISO8124, EC and KC Certification, and USCPSIA. Bubba Mat has been available through all quality baby product retail stores for more than 10 years, and is a known and trust brand of Softmats. Bubba Mats have been supplied to Childcare centres, Hospitals and Sleep and Birth Units, along with playgroups and many other service providers. Families can expect to use and enjoy their Bubba Mat for many years as their children and families grow, and it is a practical and comfortable space for all the family inside and outside the home.
From Melbourne we work with our select talented illustrators and designers in several countries to produce custom characters and artwork for all our Softmats. All of our mats are manufactured in Korea.
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