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Philips Avent is dedicated to helping mother’s breastfeed for longer because it recognises the importance of breastfeeding for the healthy development of the infant and the health of the mother.

With 30 years of clinical experience in baby feeding Philips Avent has been designing and manufacturing products to meet your needs. Products that are inspired by nature and have been developed through extensive research, clinical trials and, even more importantly by listening to mums like you.

Our products will help support the choices you make, whether you're breastfeeding, bottle feeding or combining the two. Then, as your baby grows, the range's interchangeable design features mean the products can be adapted to meet your baby's developing needs.

Philips Avent - Supporting you every step of the way

Over the decades we have been combining professional expertise with consumer understanding in working with experts, clinical researchers, healthcare professionals and parents alike to research breastfeeding and to design and develop an extensive range of premium products to support you along your breastfeeding journey.    

Products are made across United Kingdom, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Germany and Malaysia



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