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the sleepover

Originally designed some 15 years ago from the principles of finding a more comfortable and particularly safer environment when using a portable cot, The Sleepover has provided a simple and effective way of doing exactly that. It has been received enthusiastically by consumers especially Mum’s searching for something that would help with the comfort, safety and hygiene aspects of a hard, nylon covered surface, generally found in Portable Cots.

The Sleepover is uniquely secured by fitting completely over the removable base of the Portacot.  When correctly fitted it cannot be removed other than by an adult.

 The top section of The Sleepover is padded, but importantly, not too thickly and provides a   safer and more comfortable sleeping arrangement for baby.

An additional safety benefit enables the removable base, with The Sleepover fitted over it, to be secured to the bottom of the portacot. This is another unique safety feature, preventing the infant from lifting up the base of the portacot and virtually eliminates the possibility of entrapment.

The Sleepover is made in China by a long established company who apply Quality Control procedures and operate with integrity.

We do not have any awards but many many glowing testimonials, in particular one from Maryanne Sayers, Baby Sleep Consultant, and the owner/founder of My Sleeping Baby.

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