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72dpi F321 pack
72dpi F321 pack
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Dreambaby F321 Room & Bath Thermometer Duck


Getting the temperature just right for your child can be difficult and unpleasant for all involved. The Dreambaby® Room & Bath Thermometer helps take away the guesswork.  It reads the temperature of both the room and bath. Checks temperature quickly and easily. Re-checks room temperature every 10 seconds. 

Automatically shuts off after 30 minutes - saves energy and battery. Safe, fast and accurate. Fun and easy to use - cute duck doubles as a fun, floating bath toy!
Tested to Toy Standard (EN 71). BPA Free
  •  Helps prevent overheating rooms and hot water scalding by eliminate temperature guess work
  •  Large easy to read digital display
  •  Rechecks room temperature every 10 seconds
  •  30 minute auto shut-off
  •  Water temperature warning indicator, flashes when too hot
  •  Tested to toy standard (EN 71)
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Accurate, long lasting and cute
Reviewed on 06 July 2018
I live my dream baby thermometer duck. It is great for using in the bath everyday to both make sure it’s not too hot at the start of the bath and great to see when it’s getting cold and time to get him out. My son also loves to play with it both in and out of the bath. I have also used it in an outside shell pool to get the temperature right adding warm water. I love to take it with me on holidays and travelling as well because it can tell me the room temp and be used as a toy and for bath temps. I’ve even found it handy for temperature control in the shower by simply turning the duck upside down so the temperature sensors are in contact with the water and I can see what the shower temp is. It really helps to put my mind at ease and no more having to guess the temperature. The duck flashes both when it’s too hot and too cold which is an added safety measure in case you are tired or not paying attention to the numbers. The perfect cute little safety tool for any parent. I also use it myself to make sure during pregnancy that my baths aren’t too hot
So wonderful to have!
Reviewed on 27 April 2017
This is an excellent thermometer to have for bath time as it tells you if the water is too hot or too cold with lights. It can also be used for checking room temperature which is very handy. I used this with my first child and it was great for my mum to also use as she is nervous about getting the water the correct temperature for her grandchildren. My eldest daughter loved playing with this as a baby and as a toddler. Unfortunately after three years it wasn't working anymore when my second baby came along but we have still kept it for bath time as my eldest daughter loves it so much! Three years of use is still very considerable especially since this product is not overly expensive for a product that is so versatile in measuring both room and water temperatures. I would highly recommend this product!
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