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extra 4000 px PI bgb fox seat BM suncanopy BM mammoth bag ZW
extra 4000 px PI bgb fox seat BM suncanopy BM mammoth bag ZW
extra 4000 px PI bgb fox seat ZW  suncanopy ZW mammoth bag GM comfort wheeled board
extra 4000 px PI bgb fox seat ZW mammoth bag GM ghost
extra PI bgb buffalo seat ZW  suncanopy RB mammoth bag GM
extra PI bgb cam3 seat ZW  suncanopy O mammoth bag GM
extra 4000 px PI bgb mammoth bag bee5 front GM
extra 4000 px PI bgb mammoth bag front ZW
extra 4000 px PI bgb mammoth bag grocery ZW
extra 4000 px PI bgb mammoth bag top open grocery ZW
extra 4000 px PI bgb mammoth bag top open ZW

Bugaboo Mammoth Bag

$229.95 to $254.95
The Bugaboo Mammoth Bag adds an enormous amount of storage to your pram.

It carries everything, so you’re ready for anything.

You know how it is: you always take lots of essential bits and pieces when you go out with your pram. Then you need to stop at the shop on the way home to buy supplies for dinner. Or you’re going to the park for the day so you bring a rug, toys, balls, and a picnic lunch… on top of all the usual supplies.

How do you carry everything without overloading your pram?

The Bugaboo Mammoth Bag is a great big bag that sits on your pram’s base and holds up to 12kg / 30 liters of extra stuff, on top of the storage the underseat basket already provides. The bag’s position at the bottom of the pram means your stroller remains stable, and your luggage stays out of the way of you and your toddler — no more bulky carriers dangling from your handlebar and bumping into your legs when you walk.
Its stylish looks perfectly complement your pram, while the practical, self-standing design makes daily use simplicity itself. The ingenious grab & go system means you can easily pick it up and carry it, stand it on a table or countertop, then reattach it to your pram. It’s like a detachable booy that makes life on the go with a toddler a lot more manageable.

The Bugaboo Mammoth Bag. It carries everything, so you’re ready for anything.
  • Attachment straps securely fasten the bag to your pram
  • Front pocket provides easy access to essential items
  • Support adapter guides the bag into position for quick and easy loading
  • Insulated outer fabric
  • Inner pocket for secure storage
  • Wipe-clean lining
  • Key chain holder
  • Magnetic buttons give you easy access and keep carry handles neat and tidy
  • Main compartment holds up to 30 liters / 12kg of storage
  • Store anything : Carry up to 12 kg of extra luggage without overloading your pram
  • The support bar guarantees secure transport on the pram
  • Easy and convenient: Sits neatly out of your way on the base of your pram
  • Convenience: the bag falls and stays naturally into position on the stroller.
  • Ease of use: changing seat positions remains easy
  • Convenience: secure fixation and theft prevention with the side straps
  • Ease of use: easy access to your bag on the pram as the bag has stiff lining and magnetic buttons that
  • keep the opening accessible
  • Ease of use: easy wipe-clean lining & insulating fabrics
  • Pick it up and carry it, load or unload it, then reattach it to your pram
  • Smart: Easy loading and unloading at the place of your convenience, due to the bags’ self-standing functionality with hard bottom-plate, stiff lining and magnetic buttons.
  • Smart: no more bending required to load or unload your luggage
  • Smart: easy positioning of a heavy bag on the stroller with the self-seeking bottom-support
  • Extra Key Benefit: Style
  • The Bugaboo Mammoth Bag is compatible with the seat position of the following prams:  Bugaboo Fox, Bugaboo Cameleon3 *,  Bugaboo Buffalo, Bugaboo comfort wheeld board             * This product is suitable for models produced after June 2014. Manufacturing date can be found on the chassis.
  • To use the Bugaboo Mammoth bag on the Bugaboo Cameleon3 and the Bugaboo Buffalo the Bugaboo comfort wheeled board is needed. This product can be purchased separately.
  • The Bugaboo Mammoth Bag is designed to be used with the stroller seat only. When you make the switch from bassinet to seat, you can easily attach the Mammoth bag to your pram.
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Mammoth is the right name for this bag!!
Reviewed on 08 October 2018
I’ve got the Mammoth in Grey so it matches my hood and other accessories, and it’s a perfect colour match too. My first thought of the bag is that it’s BIG, like really big, so perfect for shopping, long day trips to the Zoo or beach, or to just carry the huge amount of stuff tiny humans seem to need. It didn’t come with any real instructions, and I tried to figure it out…big fail. But a quick look online and figured out the correct way to use it pretty easily. Pros Size, it’s big and holds a decent amount. Waterproof (aka mum didn’t put the lip on the water bottle properly proof) Looks pretty :) Once you figure it out, easy to put on and off. Cons Needs adaptors Bit Impossible to access if baby is facing you No shoulder strap (would be handy to carry it inside when full of shopping) Cost Overall I'm loving using this bag, it's not something I use everyday as it's another thing to fit in the boot, but when I'm out all day It's super handy rather than hanging extra bags off the side of the pram.
it really is Mammoth!
Reviewed on 05 October 2018
This bag really is mammoth! It can hold so much. I have been using it on my Fox to hold my grocery shopping as I frequently walk to the shops. Its insulated so it keeps all my cold items cool all the way home. I have attached a picture of what I have fit in there on one of my trips. I find it really handy for those occasions. It holds a huge amount in the bag, leaving the basket of my pram free for more shopping that doesn't need to be kept cool. It came with an attachment that clips onto the back of my Fox for the bag to sit on. Where the toddler board attaches. I have attached a picture of this as well. This keeps your bag in place and stable, as well as the velcro straps that attach to your pram. When completely full, my Fox still felt stable and wouldn't tip at all. It was nicely balanced. The bag also have pockets on the outside for smaller items, and another on the inside. There were also hidden magnets beside the zips to keep the bag open and accessible. I have also used it as an over night bag for my baby. I was able to fit a tin of formula, nappies, wipes, bottles and a heap of clothes with room to spare. It's quite good as an overnight bag as the carry handles are comfy over the shoulder. I would have to say the only con about the mammoth bag is that you can only attach it to your pram with the seat facing out. You can squeeze it on with the seat facing you, but you don't have access to the zipper, so defeats the purpose really. But overall its a great addition, especially for anyone like myself that walks frequently for groceries and shopping.
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