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Britax safe n sound Millenia SICT midnight Navy Hero
Britax safe n sound Millenia SICT midnight Navy Hero
3596 Millenia SICT Midnight Navy Front
3596 Millenia SICT Midnight Navy Newborn
Millenia 3598 Silhouette Black Hero
3598 Milenia Silhouette Black Front
3598 Milenia Silhouette Black Newborn
Britax safe n sound Millenia SICT Pebble Grey Hero
Britax safe n sound Millenia SICT pebble Grey Front
Britax safe n sound Milleni SICT Pebble Grey Newborn

Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia™ Convertible Car Seat

 Britax Safe-n-Sound’s Millenia SICT offers advanced safety features. Designed with dual layer revolutionary Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) providing your child the ultimate side impact protection. Suitable from birth- 4 years old.

Your Millenia seat can be used in rearward facing position until baby’s shoulders reach the lower shoulder height marker (approx 12 mths of age) OR remain rear facing until they reach the middle height marker (approx 2-3 yrs).

Once your child reaches the middle height marker (approx 2-3 years), your Millenia seat must be turned to forward facing mode. Suitable for use until your child reaches the max height marker (approx 4yrs)

Equipped with ISOFLEX Connectors to provide a simple, firm connection into a vehicle with ISOFIX low anchorages in conjunction with Top Tether. ISOFIX is an alternative method of installation that may reduce mistakes that are associated with traditional seat belt installation

Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT™) - Head Protection Unique SICT layer provides 180 degree protection around a child’s head. SICT minimises the energy generated in a side impact crash.

Active Head Restraint (AHR) Designed specifically with deeper side wings that shield and contain your child’s head in a side impact crash. AHR grows with your child working with SICT to contain your child’s head and to minimise impact forces.

Thermo5™ Bamboo Fabric Thermo5 High Performance fabric with Bamboo delivers the premium comfort your baby deserves

Rear and Forward Facing Seat belt lock-offs fitted to provide a more secure fit in the vehicle when used with vehicle seat belt (non Isofix mode)

Hassle Free Harness Single handed height adjustable headrest and harness allows the seat to grow with your child without the need to remove and re-thread the harness. Reducing the risk of incorrect installation and enhancing correct harness fit.

Infant Safety Cushion™ This cushion includes EVA composite material that provides support and protection for a small baby absorbing energy during a side impact crash. Specially designed ventilation holes offer breathability and comfort.

Aircraft Compatible Suitable for forward facing use.


age range: Suitable from birth- 4 years

forward facing: Once your child reaches the middle height marker (approx 2-3 years), your Millenia seat must be turned to forward facing mode. Suitable for use until your child reaches the max height marker (approx 4yrs). 4 recline positions in forward facing mode (including upright)

rearward facing: Your Millenia seat can be used in rearward facing position until baby’s shoulders reach the lower shoulder height marker (approx 12 mths of age) OR remain rear facing until they reach the middle height marker (approx 2-3 yrs)

dimensions: Weight: 8.9 kg Dimensions - Rear Facing H: 600mm (min) -700mm (max) x D: 600mm x W: 385mm (base) - 500mm (max) Dimensions - Fwd Facing Upright H: 640mm (min) - 810mm (max) X D: 390mm x W: 385mm (base) - 500mm (max)

includes: Hassle Free Harness Single handed height adjustable headrest and harness. Infant Safety Cushion™: This cushion includes EVA composite material that provides support and protection for a small baby absorbing energy during a side impact crash. EZ-Buckle retains the harness buckle in a forward position and prevents the child from sitting on the buckle when boarding. Handy Storage pocket. Push button harness adjuster. Colourful holder can be used to attach toys Shoulder pads to provide extra comfort. Full length car seat protector with storage pocket

  • Aircraft Compatible Suitable for forward facing use.
  • Your child can remain rearward facing until they are approximately 2-3 years old, which is safer for your child
  • Equipped with ISOFLEX Connectors to provide a simple, firm connection into a vehicle with ISOFIX low anchorages in conjunction with Top Tether
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Good for baby with hip dysplasia
Reviewed on 05 February 2018
I bought this product three months ago. My baby diagnosed with hip dysplasia and the baby capsule we used cant be used any longer. We had difficulties to find which car seat that suitable for hip dysplasia as the braces my daughter used would means we need something wider on the seat’s bottom. We went to baby bunting and was recommended this one and another brand that is much cheaper. What I like about this product that it has both isofix and conventional anchorage way to attach the car seat, it also has head protection and of course fit my daughter plus her braces perfectly. This car seat can be used from birth up to 4 years old. The headrest is adjustable and setting up the seat position is very easy. I also like the color options. Despite all those good things I like, in my opinion this product is a bit overpriced, the fabric does not seem having cool effect as it says. The fabric is washable which is great but it seems to be a high maintenance since the thread easily get tangled with my bub’s nails. The hardness is also not retractable automatically and easily get tangled. I have not experienced any after sales care yet but the 5 year warranty is sufficed.
The best seat ever
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
We purchased the Britax Millenia in 2016 for my now 15 month old son. It is the best baby purchase we have made thus far. He still fits comfortable rear facing with plenty of room to continue doing so! The material is breathable and doesn’t stain easily, it is an absolute dream to install and even in rear facing mode there is still plenty of room for the front passenger. I could not recommend this car seat enough!
Excellent extended rear facing seat!
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
We bought this seat for our first child back in 2016. She's now 20 months old and still so below the markers, will be rear facing for ages which is the exact reason we bought the seat. It is padded enough so that an average to large size newborn can fit comfortably (our daughter was 7lb6oz and went straight into this seat with no problems). The padding can be removed to allow for more room as the child grows. It it easy to remove and machine wash as well. The headrest is adjustable and material breathes well in the hotter months. Now the seat is a lot bulkier than some other extended rear facing seats, such as the Infasecure Quattro, so depending on the size of your car, you may need to get it fitted prior to buying to ensure it fits properly. We drive a Holden Astra wagon and it fits wonderfully. It's also isofix compatible! Easy to install once you know how, and very sturdy and reliable. Overall would definitely recommend to a friend.
Easy to use, great covertible car seat
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
We have used this carseat from the day we took our son home from the hospital. Initially we were undecided if we wanted to go for a capsule instead, but we are so glad that we didnt. This carseat has been amazing. We started off rearward facing, and our son was extremely comfortable. No issues with getting him in and out of the car. Once he reached the height limit, we changed him to forward facing. There is never any complaining out of him. He is always comfortable when riding in the backseat. It is easy to install as well, and easy to clean. It comes back quite easily.
Safe and snug
Reviewed on 19 October 2017
This car seat is not only top rated for safety but it’s well made and snug for bubby. Overall I wouldn’t choose a different car seat, however I really dislike the way the anchor straps sit (the ones that attaches to the back of the car in reverse facing mode), they are very much in the way and make it difficult to get Bub out of the car, definitely can not get him out without waking him as you do it. But I absolutely love the large size of the harness clip protector over bubbies legs/private bits - no accidentally pinching of skin is going to happen their no matter how much Bub is fighting being put in the seat.
Easy to use!
Reviewed on 18 October 2017
Purchased as the seat of choice for our first child and have found it excellent. Found it very easy to use so we got another one for grandmas car. I find my little one is comfortable and less sweaty in this seat. Easy to fit and secure. Downside is it is too big for our dual cab Ute otherwise we would have three.
Packed full of safety, but make sure you measure your car!
Reviewed on 16 October 2017
I have this seat for my 2 year old, who has been in it since 10months of age. It is extended rear-facing, and he has only been turned around since baby 2 came along in May. It is one of the larger depth rear facing seats, and unfortunately we can’t fit it rear facing in our car and also have a capsule (we have a Captiva 7), as it means there is limited leg room. My son has always slept comfortably in it, and the seat has a good recline when forward facing. It is super easy to install, and the seat belt lock off strap makes it a really tight install, I have always had seats professionally installed, but this one I am confident putting in myself. The bamboo fabric is nice and cool, but it does ball quite a lot.
Love this car seat
Reviewed on 02 October 2017
I decided I'd review this car seat when I looked at my 6 month old son asleep in it again today. He very rarely ever slept in the capsule and when I compare how comfortable he is in the Millenia, I understand why. I also really like that when he sleeps, his head doesnt fall forward, but it leans to the side. Being really spacious, it does mean we have to move the front passenger seat forward quite a bit to allow the car seat to fit- but this is only temporary, until we turn the seat forward when he's around 6 months old.
Only the best
Reviewed on 07 September 2017
Britax Safe n sound have a reputation going back to when outbreak parents were having us. If family members were loving this product 30 years ago and it was still highly reputable today then that was good enough for me. The millennia was a great choice for us weighing up the stats between this and the maxi cosi as being a Much of a muchness, however I felt I trusted this brand more. The best advice I was given was to take the car seat out to the car and see how it fits against the seat; see how far back you forward seats can recline and check for an all round good fit. Tick tick and tick for me. This car seat being rear facing from 0-2 and forward facing up to 4 years means you get a good innings out of your cost. The bottom line is, if you can afford it, what's the price in safety for your child? *drop mic 🎤 * P.s comes in a few colours if you're feeling you want to match it a bit closer to your car interior and all that jazz
Would highly recommend!
Reviewed on 24 August 2017
We bought this seat when our son outgrew his capsule, and love it - well worth the money for us! Found it relatively easy to install ourselves, and love the easy adjusting of the height/shoulder straps. Overall find it a really user friendly seat, and seems really comfortable - our active little guy who doesn't love sleep falls asleep most trips, and the rest of the time he is incredibly content to just sit there, which rarely happened in our capsule!
Isofix car seat 🚗
Reviewed on 22 August 2017
I love it!! We bought this as our second car seat for my 15 month old son at the time, so we could swap it into anyone car. With the isofix feature it's so easy I can even do it! And it is still safe and secure which is quite important. It's also a nice and slim car seat compared to our infasecure vogue car seat we bought before bub was even born without really knowing what your after. I would highly recommend this car seat to anyone
Love it
Reviewed on 13 August 2017
We have one in each car and we love them, still rf at 16 months and only just past the first marker. He seems super comfy. Just wish it wasn't as deep rf but for now it still works! Would buy again
Highly recommend!
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
We decided to upgrade our car seats after finding out we had another baby on the way and I can't believe we never picked this seat first! With ISOFIX compatibility it made it so easy for us to install and know that it was in correctly. I thought it would be hard to transition my toddler into it but he has not made a fuss and the recline makes it look so comfy. Even my husband loves how the straps can be held on the sides to allow easy fitting everytime with no twisted straps. My favourite feature is the Thermo5 fabric as my son tends to sweat quite a bit and mixed with the Central Queensland heat it has made car trips a lot cooler 😜
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
My baby has used this carseat since we took him home from hospital. Some of the features that I've loved: - compact - it fits in my small car but has excellent safety ratings - extended rearward facing - thermoregulating fabric - really comfortable material and given my boy was born in summer it has never been a problem; it also dries quickly which is great (my son likes to lick the shoulder pads) - easy to adjust strap height - has little hooks to hold straps out of the seat when unbuckled which makes the straps easy to find when you do need to buckle them in and also prevents tangling. I haven't really experienced any cons yet!
Queensland summer approved car seat
Reviewed on 27 July 2017
If you have a little sweat box like my son is, you will know that having a cool, breathable material in your car seat makes all the difference. We tried 3 different brands before settling on this Britax one. The bamboo fabric has withstood some searingly hot Queensland days and my son has always felt comfortable enough to fall asleep in it. He has been in this seat since he was three months old and still fits comfortably in it at almost 2. We will be purchasing another one before our second child is born in February.
Highly recommend
Reviewed on 29 June 2017
I have been using this seat with my first bub who is now 15months old, I've just brought a 2nd for our baby due in a month. I could recommend highly enough, so easy to install and operate and most importantly clean!! Our toddler is so comfy in his seat has never had an issue snoozing in it either. Best car seat!!
Excellent seat!
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
We purchased this as first time parents and did a lot of research before deciding. Our baby was premmie and only tiny when he came home from hospital and it was a safe and appropriate fit despite his size. It is fairly easy to get him in and out of now he is 4mths old and getting bigger. The material is nice and soft on his sensitive skin. He falls asleep in it often so it must be comfortable! The only negative so far is that the passenger seat has to be all the way forward and is a bit squashy. If we go out as a family I always am passenger as my husband is too tall. Overall I would definitely buy again for baby number two if and when that happens.
Soft comfy and cosy
Reviewed on 31 May 2017
I used this particular car seat for my twins. My bubs were small but this seat suited their size from birth. And now at 15 months they still have plenty of growing left in it. Highly recommend this seat to everyone!
Fantastic all round
Reviewed on 16 May 2017
So comfortable for bubby with the cool soft fabric. Easy to install & very easy to adjust. Will last for such a long time with a large range of adjustments.
Best car seat i have ever purchased
Reviewed on 08 May 2017
I brought this for my 1st and hes 2 and still in it and now my 3month old is in his very own they are so easy to install so easy to extend the height i love them!! If my partner let me id have 4 of them!!!!
Great easy to use car seat
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
I absolutely love my safe and sound Millenia have had it since my son was 6 months old after transferring him from a capsule. The car seats fabric is great ! I love how the bamboo fabric keeps him cool in the summer and it's super soft! He is 21 months and still 100% safely rearfaced and comfortable although he prefers to be forward fa wing and absolute loves his car chair... the isofix is a great feature it comes with if your car has it a lot easier than trying to sturdy out a seatbealt. A con for the seat would have to be is that it's rather large and does take up a fair bit of room in the car But at the moment only havering one child it doesn't affect me to much. Absolutely love my millennia
Amazing seat!
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
I wish I purchased this seat for my other children!! The first time I put my daughter in it she slept two hours straight, no more crying! The fabric is so nice and cooling for our North Queensland summers Bub doesn't sweat in the car anymore! The fabric is easy to clean and super soft. Perfect for newborns. I would say you could probably fit a 6yr old in the seat also! Fits perfectly in my Camry
Great features.
Reviewed on 25 April 2017
Great seat! Your child can RF for so much longer comfortably. It is easy to install either with ISO fix or seatbelt. Easy to clean. And is a very comfortable seat for bubs
Excellent car seat
Reviewed on 19 April 2017
We use this seat for my now (very tall) 3yr old son. We love it! He sits very comfortably and remains nice and cool in the excellent light fabric. Best of all is the Isofix and how simple it is to install in the car. A big improvement to the previous safe n sound meridian (which we used to have).
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