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cozygo sleep easy cover
cozygo sleep easy cover
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CoziGo Sleep Easy Cover

CoziGo (formerly Fly Babee), is an award winning Safe Sleep Cover, for peaceful naps on the go. CoziGo fits all strollersbassinets and airline cots. Enjoy your parenting journey whilst keeping baby happy!
  •  Universal Fit for all stroller styles, bassinets and airplane cots
  • 100% breathable & air permeable - your baby will breath comfortably and never overheat
  • Improves baby sleep by up to 500% - blocks 97% of light and all distractions so your baby will fall asleep fast and for longer
  • Stress free outings and flying - prevents in-flight meltdowns & over-tiredness from your baby when you're out and about 
  • Excellent sun protection - 50+ UVP so your little one will always be protected from the dangers of the sun
  • Cross flow ventilation - The unique dome shape allows your bundle of joy to have a nice refreshing breeze with plenty of kick space.
  • Easy to use  - pop, clip & go in seconds and packs in to a small bag quickly
  • Two-way zippers - on each side so you can open one or both allowing your baby or toddler to see the world go by, protected by the sun no matter what direction its coming from and you have easy access to your precious cargo
  • Protects baby from germs - ensure a smoother healthier environment by limiting your baby's exposure from unwanted germs
  • Lightweight & compact (600g/1..3lbs)
CoziGo is an essential item for getting out and about every day with your baby and a must have for flying and travel! It’s fast becoming known as “The Miracle Cover” for mums that value their baby’s all-important sleep routine whilst maintaining a healthy outdoor lifestyle.


As loving mothers, we understand the stress of traveling with babies. You want them to be as comfortable as possible as well as having full protection from the sun, wind and other factors that can disturb their rest. When bub gets upset whilst on the go it’s no fun for anyone. Therefore, we designed a multi-purpose canopy that can be used from birth right through to toddlerhood. Not only does CoziGo provide a relaxing place for your baby, it can assist with the healthy growth and development of your child.

No longer do you have to worry about ensuring your baby sleeps on the go. With CoziGo, your baby will fall into a relaxed and comfortable sleep wherever you happen to be. The revolutionary design has won awards for its innovation and effectiveness in helping bubs throughout Australia receive the perfect rest on the move.

The perfect fit for a huge variety of prams and bassinets – simply grab your CoziGo and be on the move with your baby in comfort and style.

  • Universal Fit for all stroller styles, bassinets and airplane cots
  • 100% breathable & air permeable - your baby will breath comfortably and never overheat
  • Sun protection - 50+ UVP 
  • Cross flow ventilation
  • Two-way zippers 
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Reviewed on 27 February 2019
I love this so much I use it with every walk and it's so easy to place on and off the pram. Haven't tried it on a plane yet but I bet it would be perfect. Love how it gives full coverage yet still breathable.
So good!
Reviewed on 28 September 2018
Bought this to use over our BabyZen YoYo and it worked brilliantly! We were able to do our morning naps in the pram knowing she was in a darkened environment and still get out and about. It also allowed us to protect our baby from the sun! It is really easy to clip on to the pram - the hardest thing is to twist it back up!
Can’t leave the house without it!!!
Reviewed on 24 September 2018
I originally purchased this for our recent trip to Singapore. Whilst in Singapore my LO was sick so we had to stay longer. He was super irritable but with he CoziGo he still had a long sleep during the day. He is easily distracted so this allows me to go on about my day and not worry that his sleep will be disturbed whilst we are out. Can wait to use it on our upcoming trip this Christmas! Great product!
absolutley fantastic
Reviewed on 24 July 2018
Absolutely fantastic product
A worthwhile investment!
Reviewed on 01 June 2018
While this product is promoted largely for flying, I haven't used for that purpose, and don't intend to fly any time soon so can't personally comment on its effectiveness on flights. Instead we purchased as an investment piece for our baby to take longer sleeps when out in the pram. I felt was quite expensive but really is a quality product, and one I know will last long term - the mesh is good quality. Our Bub is used to sleeping in a room with block our blinds both day and night, and the CoziGo has helped us recreate that environment more closely in the pram, meaning he can sleep longer while out and about. The air flow is great even when fully zipped up, but love the added feature of being able to unzip the sides for when Baby awake and wanting to see world - but with added sun safety (a must have in out hot summer). I do find sometimes that it starts to come off my pram, and I need to quickly adjust before it falls off and wakes baby - but this may be my fault in not attaching properly as I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue. Overall I'd absolutely recommend!
One of important travel goods
Reviewed on 26 March 2018
Bought this one for my 6 months old bub as we were travelling to Europe. Fantastic purchase i ever made. Fits perfectly on Qatar bassinet as well as my travel Pram Chicco Miinimo as well as my daily pram Baby Jogger Mini city GT. Very light and easy to use. Has a peake a boo window. Block all the light during the long haul flight and perfect for bipolar Melbourne weather too. A bit tricky to fold tho. Purchased for $99 online. Highly recommended if you are travelling on a long haul and in a tropical countries/summer time. The mess made the air circulation better than other fabric. My bub slept well throughout the journey.
Awesome pram and airline bassinet cover
Reviewed on 25 March 2018
We love this product! We use it whenever we travel and have loaned it out to countless friends and mothers in our playgroups so it’s never sitting unused in our cupboard. I’ve been the envy of other mothers on long plane rides when I’ve had a baby who has slept the majority of the flight. The cozigo cover really does block out the majority of light but is still breathable and has zips or a flap on all sides so you can unzip a little bit to peek in or direct the overhead aircon on to bub etc. When we have travelled we have also used the cover on our pram or stroller to support day naps and block out stimulus. It was really helpful in busy countries in Asia to block out stimulus but still allow airflow in the hot humidity. It’s a great sub protector as well. It has supported our daughter to nap in all sorts of places! I’ve had ours for nearly two years (when the product was called fly babee) and it is still in perfect condition. A $100 well spent!
Love it
Reviewed on 16 March 2018
This product has been a life saver over the hot Aussie summer for my little baby (now 5 months old). I’m out and about with my toddler everyday, so having he CoziGo has made it so much easier and safer! Little babe is protected from the harsh sun and the darkness helps her to nap. I am yet to travel with it but will be doing so in a few weeks. Highly recommended!
Best baby gadget I own, hands down
Reviewed on 11 March 2018
I honestly don’t know what anyone does without a cozigo. I bought it for using on the plane but now use it every single day as a stroller cover. It’s amazing - it makes the pram super dark, and acts as a sleep cue for my baby (9 months). It’s much safer than having a muslin over your pram - breathable mesh so air circulates properly. It’s also sun proof (upv50) so really useful on holiday / in the Australian sun. It’s a universal fit - I’ve used it on both the icandy peach and the mountain buggy nano and it’s perfect. My friends have it too and it fits great on the yo-yo+, bugaboo buffalo, and baby jogger city gt. Re folding (which someone below has said is an issue), I can honestly say it takes me about 3 seconds to fold and get it into the bag. It folds exactly like a pop up tent (like you’d have for the beach, or remember from your festival days). If you’re out of practice on that front, it might take you a few goes to get the knack but once you do, it’s super easy. It’s light and small enough that I literally take it everywhere with me. It has hooks so you can hang it off your pram frame and avoid taking up valuable space in the basket. On the plane it’s a godsend. Fitted great on an Emirates bassinet (has Velcro to make it smaller/bigger fit), kept out the glaring light from the tv which is always right above the baby, the aircon (ditto), and strangers who love to distract your baby from sleeping while they queue for the toilet. Genuinely could not have coped with the 24h flight from Sydney to London (and back, alone!) without it. Seriously cannot recommend highly enough. This is easily in my top 5 must haves, possibly even my number one - especially if you’re going anywhere on a plane.
Fabulous but difficult to fold
Reviewed on 01 March 2018
Full disclosure: I was gifted this item to review TLDR: it’s great. Lightweight, does the job, is safe and sunsmart. If only it was easier to pack away! Full Version: The CoziGo (formerly the FlyBabee) is a portable sunshade for bassinets & prams. It’s made of a netting fabric which has great airflow, so it is safer to use then a muslin or blanket as they can make baby overheat! The fabric is also 50+ UPF so it’s sun safe too! I’ve used in on a older style Steelecraft Orion stroller, and Baby Jogger City Select with a 4 month old and with a 3 year old and it fits really well! It’s very adaptable. It even fits over my 4 month olds portable bassinet bed! It is, however, too big to go over a baby capsule if using it on the pram. The side zips mean that you can add extra air flow or add a view (which Mr 3 really liked) and the “peekaboo” flap window on top makes it easy to check bub. I also love that the carry bag comes with Velcro so it can hang of the handle of the pram. Biggest down side is that it is VERY difficult to fold up back into the bag. It folds like the old still, pop out window shades that all our parents used in the car. Except it is much larger and has very robust frame. If you force it the wrong way too hard, you will break the supports and then it is useless. I had to watch the video on YouTube several times and practice at home and I am still not confident folding it up! My husband gave it immediate marks off for making him look a twit in the coffee shop.
Reviewed on 23 February 2018
This cover is genius! Props to the creator, they have obviously put a lot of thought into this product. I have previously tried a different product that promises the same purpose but it didn’t fit either of our prams well so I was so happy to have the Cozigo. It fits both our prams well (see photos below for Bugaboo Bee and iCandy peach). I like that you can unzip one side at a time and there’s a little hole to see bub if you have both sides shut. It packs into a tiny pouch which seriously is so clever, I sometimes use the pouch to put things on!! I haven’t used it on a plan yet but so far pram use is A+. So smart to put side clips so it never flies off and you can glide the clips across to fit your pram. If I were to suggest something to the creators it would be to have a double layer for the sides and have a more breathable second layer but that’s purely just to cater for my little hot body who gets hot at 25 degrees. This cover has had me stopped by a few mums to ask about it and ofcourse it is highly recommended! 🙌🏼
Sleep here we come!
Reviewed on 23 February 2018
I have been using the cozigo cover for two weeks now and let me tell you it has been the best thing I've ever gotten my hands on! My 4 month old little boy would NEVER sleep in the pram on the go but now it's like he is a different baby. My husband and I even went out for dinner at our little boys bedtime. He went straight to sleep in the pram with using the cozigo cover and there was no fussing or crying. Hubby and I were shocked! It has given us freedom again! I will definitely be recommending to other mummy friends. The cozigo cover is a game changer for us.
CoziGo Sleep Easy Cover Review
Reviewed on 20 February 2018
I have been using the CoziGo for a few weeks now and loving it. The cover fits so well over my Silver Cross pioneer. My baby is 5 months old and this cover helps to reduce distractions for longer sleeps, which at this age is amazing. There is also a peep hole so my baby can see me and didn't feel alone or scared. The CoziGo also provided excellent protection against the Queensland sun as well as keeping it nice and dark. It's also easy to take on and off allowing smoother transitions for my baby to sleep. I personally loved the pocket which allowed me easy access to my phone and keys. Finally the Cozigo packs up easily into a small simple to store bag.
Totally Fabulous Product
Reviewed on 07 February 2018
I can’t recommend this cover highly enough it’s fabulous it blocks light and sun and provides privacy but still lets the breeze through and fits perfectly on my Nuna pipa capsule. I only wish it had been available when my older daughter was a baby
Must have for travelling
Reviewed on 10 December 2017
I purchased the cozigo for an overseas trip & it worked so well! We put baby in the bulkhead bassinet and the cover over it and she slept wonderfully. This is perfect if your baby is used to sleeping/napping in a dark room as the lights on the plane can be quite bright. It was also reassuring to know that the cover was well ventilated (as opposed to covering the bassinet with say a blanket). The cozigo is super light and compact when folded up, however the only con I would say is that is quite tricky to fold up. I would recommend practicing with it at home as you don't want to be struggling with it on the plane! Other than that I highly recommend this!
A must have for Long haul flights!
Reviewed on 02 November 2017
I bought the CosiGo Easy Cover for my 6 month old for our holiday to Hawaii. We had an overnight flight booked and I wanted to ensure that my baby would be able to rest peacefully on the long flight. Once we settled into our seats, we put baby into her bassinet and put the CoziGo cover over the bassinet. It fit well and was very easy to open up and put on. It claims to block out 97% of light which, in my opinion, did just that! My baby is a very light sleeper, and she only woke once during the flight for a feed. She didn't even wake when the cabin crew turned on lights to serve meals. It got very busy around the bulkhead seat area and she still slept through it all. When folded, it's quite compact and fits snug in carry on luggage, so it doesn't take up much space. Once in Hawaii, we used it as a stroller cover to allow her to nap on the go. It worked well for this purpose also. It costs about $100 which I think is well worth the money for baby to get good rest during long haul flights.
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