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F2270 PACK RGB72dpi
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Dreambaby F2270 Strollerbuddy® Phone Holder


TheDreambaby® Strollerbuddy® EZY-Fit Phone Holder is a great way to attach your phone to your pram. With its velcro adjutsbale strap- it fits most strollers and is easy to secure as well as remove. 

Fits most phones securely so you will always have immediate access to your phone when on the move.  Perfect for being able to take calls whilst still keeping an eye on your little one.


  • Easy to install with its velcro adjustable strap
  • Fits most phones
  • Also suitable for shopping carts, push bikes most wheelchairs, walkers & more
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Easy adjustable
Reviewed on 14 December 2019
This is the best phone holder as it fits most phones like mine has a leather Otoma cover and It fits no worries even the kids can enjoy the phone
Excellent accessory
Reviewed on 11 December 2019
The stroller buddy phone holder is by far my favourite accessory to have on the pram. It allows me to use my phone while on the go. Unlike other phone holders, it is so secure when my phone is attached that I‘m not concerned that my phone could fall out. Definitely an accessory that every parent should have.
Really Impressed
Reviewed on 10 December 2019
The stroller buddy is my favourite pram accessory, it holds my phone securely and attaches perfectly to my bugaboo donkey, Joolz geo and mountain buggy nano duo for handsfree use when out walking, shopping and going on family adventures. It even attached to the pram bumper bar for my little man to watch his favourite show while Mumma had a well deserved HOT coffee 🙌 my iPhone was able to sit comfortably and securely across various terrains and stayed put even while out jogging. I loved being able to take photos of bub in the pram and access my phone while on the go.
So simple
Reviewed on 05 December 2019
Love the convenience of the phone holder, it is great for walking and listening to music. It’s also nice knowing exactly where my phone is at all times. As a mum of three it is so easy to put it somewhere and misplace it. It’s so easy to use and to get the prefect hold every time
Great idea
Reviewed on 04 December 2019
I love this especially for my Yoyo. Means I don’t have to always be trying to find my phone as it’s right there ! So simple yet so great
So secure.
Reviewed on 14 December 2018
I have an iPhone plus and my OH has a Samsung plus series. Both of our phones fit perfectly in the holder which is great given their larger sizes. I love how it clicks in to secure the sides and how you can slide the bottom supports to fit. The arms the pack in tightly when not in use which is great to avoid damaging it.
My extra hand!!
Reviewed on 13 December 2018
I love how useful is this phone holder! No bag no worry! No pocket no worry! Plus I can enjoy wearing my legging! Not only great in pram! I use it on a shopping trolley, and my kids little trike! No more getting it in and out from my bag/pocket! Got my extra hand! So handy!!
A must have
Reviewed on 05 December 2018
This is great!!! Especially for like mums like me juggling between 2 toddlers and a newborn. Easy to strap onto the pram and it's quite sturdy. I dont need to dig into my handbag to look for my phone. Very handy and cant live without it. Love how easy it is to put your phone onto the holder and take off.
Once you have this, you won’t look back!
Reviewed on 27 July 2018
Perfect little phone holder when you’re on the run. My pram is on the larger side and difficult to steer one handed. A phone holder is something that is often overlooked although it has definitely proved handy when going for a walk and requiring a GPS to get to and from your destination or listening to music and having your phone in view to access screen instead of on an arm band or in a stroller organiser where you have to frequently remove to access screen. The clips that secure the phone are easy, fast and don’t not require any fiddling. The one negative point is that I find it rather fiddly to strap on and making sure it stays in place. Apart from that, it dies not interrupt folding or opening of the pram which is a very important factor.
Favorite accessory
Reviewed on 13 December 2017
The stroller buddy phone holder is by far my favorite stroller accessory!! It allows me to use my phone handsfree!! Unlike other phone holders, it is so secure when my phone is attached that I am not in the least bit concerned that my phone may fall out. Added bonus is that I get to take pictures of my little girl while my phone is still attached to the phone holder. Definitely an accessory every mom and Dad should have when purchasing their strollers!
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