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11645 SCF254 BreastPads Day
11645 SCF254 BreastPads Day
11645 SCF254 BreastPads Day Packet
11645 SCF254 30xBPads FOP
11645 SCF254 30xBPads SOP

Philips Avent Disposable Day Breast Pad 30pk

The Philips AVENT day breast pads offer you complete protection, they are ultra thin, with multi layers for super absorbency, super soft and individually wrapped . Invisible under clothes - Ultra thin with contoured shape. Adhesive strip to keep the pad in place. Ultra Dry- Multi layers for super absorbency and a one way top sheet that traps moisture inside the pads. Silky soft feel – Silky soft top sheet and breathable natural materials. Individually wrapped – For extra hygiene.
  • Ultra thin, with multi layers for super absorbency, super soft
  • Individually wrapped . 
  • Adhesive strip to keep the pad in place. Ultra Dry
  • 30pk
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The best
Reviewed on 28 September 2018
I have tried quite a few brands of disposable breast pads but have found the Avent ones to be the most comfortable of all. They absorb excellently and have always stayed in place. They come individually packaged so they remain hygienic until opened for use - great for purses, baby bags and getaways. Love them!
Reviewed on 15 October 2017
These are great, very comfortable and stay in place also absorbs well I used these for a couple of months and they were a big help I liked these better than any other brands
A quality product
Reviewed on 08 October 2017
These became my go to brand while breastfeeding my first child. I found they didn't slip like other brands, stayed in place and did no leak. I felt confident wearing them throughout the day. I liked they way they felt on my skin, soft and no rubbing which prevented any pain. They come packaged individually which is great for popping in my handbag and baby bag for on the go convenience.
Need improvement on the tape.
Reviewed on 25 September 2017
Absorbs pretty fast. The pad is pretty thin, which makes it very comfortable on the skin. However because it's very thin, sometimes it does leaks out. That can be quickly fixed anyway, just change a new one. So not a really big issue. The biggest problem with this pad is that it only has one piece of double sided tape for you to stick it on the bra. With just one piece of tape it won't attach on your bra properly, it folds when you pull down your bra to feed your bub. Sometimes it comes off your bra as well. Really annoying, as once it falls off, the stickiness on the tape is gone.
Breastfeeding Savior
Reviewed on 10 September 2017
I stuck on philips Avent Disposable Breast pads after I tried a few others. These I found to be very gentle on my skin and have very good absorbing efficiency. The stickiness is good too which keeps the pad in its place.
So helpful!
Reviewed on 16 August 2017
These were great in the early months when I was a bit leaky, great to have peace of mind and feel comfy when I was out and about.
Reviewed on 08 May 2017
I Have tried many different breadt pads but found the avent ones to be a lot more absorbent then the other brands. They were a lot more breathable and the material wasn't so rough on my body.
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