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swaddle up bamboo lite 0 2 tog grey flay
swaddle up bamboo lite 0 2 tog grey flay
swaddle up bamboo lite 0 2 tog grey life 1
swaddle up bamboo lite 0 2 tog grey life 2
swaddle up bamboo lite 0 2 tog grey pak S
swaddle up bamboo lite 0 2 tog pink flay
swaddle up bamboo lite 0 2 tog pink life 3
swaddle up bamboo lite 0 2 tog pink life 4
swaddle up bamboo lite 0 2 tog pink pak S

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Bamboo Lite 0.2tog

The innovative SWADDLE UP™ BAMBOO LITE 0.2 TOG with patented wings, allows babies to sleep in a more natural position, with their ARMS UP™, so they can self-soothe, via sucking. Medical research has shown that when babies can self-soothe, they can sleep for longer. The SWADDLE UP™ is intended to be used FROM DAY ONE™ and can help parents lay a strong foundation for sleep, from birth.

The SWADDLE UP™ BAMBOO LITE 0.2 TOG is soft, light, ultra-breathable & designed for warm temperatures. This fabric is naturally temperature-regulating, to keep your baby comfortable & dry on hot days & nights.

 Fabric Content: 95% Viscose (from Bamboo), 5% Elastane

  • 0.2 TOG - the perfect choice for warm days & nights
  • Ideal for room temperatures between 24°C and 27°C
  • Naturally temperature-regulating
  • Unique patented wings allow natural ARMS UP™ position
  • ARMS UP™ allows true SELF-SOOTHING™ = more sleep
  • Single layer of fabric to reduce risk of overheating
  • Certified ‘hip-healthy’ design allows the recommended flexion for hips & legs
  • Twin zipper for easy nappy changes
  • No loose layers to kick off during sleep
  • Swaddle in seconds with no breakouts
  • Snug fit for secure feel, warmth & comfort
  • Proudly supporting First Candle and SIDS research
  • Easy care: Machine washable & tumble dryer friendly
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Reviewed on 03 July 2018
I bought this a month before our 2nd bub was born (Feb) as we previously used LTD swaddles & winter range sleep suits for our 1st born in VIC & loved it. We lived in the mountains & with winters being harsh over there we never had to worry if he threw his blankets off because we knew he’d be snuggly & warm. So when we moved to QLD end of last year & with our new bub being due in Feb this year I was worried that the swaddles we used might be too warm. I was pleasantly surprised to find the LTD Lite Bamboo swaddles which suit this climate perfectly. My newborn daughter practically lives in them now, as it’s the only thing that would quickly settle her to sleep. I’ve tried other swaddles on her but she hates them. LTD Lite Bamboo Ones is the only ones she’s happy in. Thank you! One very happy customer!
Didnt work for my son
Reviewed on 13 May 2018
I found that there was a lot of hype around this product, many people rave about it, but i just wanted to say it doesnt work for every baby. My baby boy did not like hid arms being trapped up, i also found when he tried to self soothe by putting his hands to his mouth it seemed very tight over his neck. The body of it fit well and was well made but the neck seems to tight for my baby. He slept much better with traditional swaddles.
Carmel lee
Reviewed on 29 March 2018
I’ve used this product with both my children and worth every cent, helped my child sleep so much better day and night
Life saver!
Reviewed on 05 February 2018
Honestly this product is a must get for any mum!! My daughter sees these swaddles as a sleep que and as soon as I zip her up her eyes start to roll back and within minutes she’s asleep. They wash up fantastic and last for ever. If I could give more stars I would ⭐️ ⭐️
Sleep Saver!
Reviewed on 29 January 2018
As a first time mum I really had no idea that babies had the startle reflex. A friend suggested to try the love to dream swaddle and we have never looked back!! We use the lite bamboo swaddle as where we live in Aus is very hot. My bubba sleeps so well! He is 4 months old and only wakes once a night. I will definitely recommend this product to any new mummy!
Amazing for babies who like being swaddled up until 1ish.
Reviewed on 22 November 2017
I brought this for my eldest child (who is now 2) as she wanted to be swaddled past when I could buy muslin wraps. She was walking and crawling and these were prefect as she could do all of that with it on. I felt safe and comfortable knowing she could sleep safely whilst swaddled as a older baby.
Love to dream swaddle
Reviewed on 21 November 2017
I got this a month ago it helps settle and ease my little man and it helps to comfort him and he feels snug and safe to sleep being a first time mum I panicked with SIDS but this reassures me
The best swaddle for summer
Reviewed on 25 October 2017
The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Lite Bamboo has to be on your must have list this summer! Love to dream swaddles are a great swaddle and an essential baby item in our household and the Love to Dream swaddle in Lite Bamboo is a great for those really warm day naps or for night time sleeps. It is a lovely soft thin material and comes in a wonderful pattern and great colours too. These swaddles are great to help get bub to sleep and to keep baby from accidentally waking up from the startle reflex, I have used love to dream swaddles since my daughter was born and its great to have a nice soft thin swaddle to still be able to swaddle her on those warm nights and will be great in summer on those really hot nights. I recommend having at least 3 so you have 2 spare there have been a couple of nights where I have have used all 3 when my daughter has been sick and spit up a couple of times Ive still been able to put her back to sleep swaddled so she can go back to have a good sleep
Blissful sleep
Reviewed on 19 September 2017
My 1st baby used to sleep through the night from 1 month old, then I had my 2nd child and she was total opposite she wouldn't sleep I tried everything then I found Love to Dream swaddles from the first night I put her in it she slept through and had longer naps during the day, even when she would get upset the only thing to calm her down was putting her in her swaddle.
Life saver!
Reviewed on 31 August 2017
These love to dream swaddles saved our sleep! My little girl hated to be wrapped but was constantly waking her self up with her arms! With these swaddles she can still move her arms and legs around and not feel so trapped but can't wake her self up! Also great if your little one hates blankets! Keeps them nice and warm without the need of a blanket! Best purchase by far!
Perfect for summer
Reviewed on 25 July 2017
We love the Love to Dream swaddles. My son has always loved having access to his hands, so they are perfect for us. This one was great when my baby was newborn and the days were still hot. The bamboo fabric is lovely and light, but still firm enough to provide comfort. As an added bonus, I think having always had access to his hands, we found transitioning out of the swaddle when he started rolling very easy.
Love this product
Reviewed on 03 July 2017
I bought this product for my daughter to use instead of swaddling her with Muslim wraps. I love that the swaddle allows my baby to have her arms in an upright position giving her the opportunity to sooth herself by sucking on her hands. The fabric is thin and light and I love that the bamboo draws moisture away from baby's skin keeping them cool and comfortable on those hot sticky nights. The extra room at the waist ensures there is plenty of room for healthy hips. The only downfall is that because the fabric is so thin I found that baby's nails tended to make small holes in the swaddle where the baby's hands are. Overall a great product though.
Best Swaddle in the market
Reviewed on 30 June 2017
Let me start by saying I have a houdini of a baby; does not like her hands wrapped tightly by her sides and will do anything in her power to get out of traditional cotton muslin wraps. I bought this on a whim to try and keep her warm and sleeping safely at night and it is the BEST choice I have made to get a good nights sleep. She adores having her arms free and 'up' which is her natural sleep position. As an added bonus she knows when she's put in this swaddle it's 'sleep time' and just about closes her eyes after I've put her in it. Sleep time has been stressfree - and sleeping THROUGH since I bought this. Highly recommend to all parents.
Perfect for summer
Reviewed on 26 June 2017
My little one wore this through the hot summer months. She hated other swaddles but having her hands up close to her face had her snoozing comfortably. This fabric is so light we could maintain her sleep routine on the hottest of days
Wish I bought it sooner
Reviewed on 05 May 2017
My baby loves to sleep with her arms around her face and this swaddle let's her do that, letting her have a better sleep (and helping my sanity too) Super easy for a nappy changes during the night too thanks to the double zip! Love love love it!!
Reviewed on 21 April 2017
Great quality. My daughter loved it so nice and lite for the warmer months. Keeps the baby nice and snug but still cool. The Bamboo feels lovely.
Best thing I've ever bought for sleep time
Reviewed on 17 April 2017
When my Bub was a newborn she couldn't stand having her arms swaddled down as the hospital instructed. She would fight to get her arms out in her sleep no matter what we did. I noticed she slept with her arms above her head in the daytime. I then saw these swaddles and thought I should give them a go. I haven't turned back since then! I now have multiple L2D swaddles. The Summer Lite version is great for the r cent super hot Brisbane heat.
Reviewed on 12 April 2017
I was given the love to dream swaddle as part of a baby shower gift. Best pressie ever! These swaddles ended becoming a necessity that I didn't realise were so valuable to a new baby. Definitely recommend this brand as it is a breeze to put on, nice and stretchy, and lets bub have their arms up towarda their head. I noticed with swaddling with a muslin wrap that my baby would fight to get his hands in that positon. Where as in this swaddle, your baby's arms are encouraged into that position. There were no cons to this product. I tried many other brands that weren't as well designed as this brand. Stock up mummas!
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