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newbeginnings Active Maternity Bra4
newbeginnings Active Maternity Bra4
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Newbeginnings Breastfeeding Bra 6
newbeginnings Active Maternity Bra
newbeginnings Active Maternity Bra 2D
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Newbeginnings Breastfeeding Bra 2
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Newbeginnings Breastfeeding Bra white

New Beginnings Active Maternity Bra

The New Beginnings Active Maternity Bra incorporates New Beginnings classic design and UGrow™ technology. This means your bra will grow and change as you do, leaving you with the perfect fit, from pregnancy to breastfeeding.

With a wire free frame, seamless soft cups and high quality microfibre material, comfort is undeniable. Ideal for sleeping and breastfeeding with steady and gentle support

The drop down clasps also allow for easy one handed use while maintaining support as you breastfeed.


use: From pregnancy to breastfeeding

  • UGrow™ technology
  • Cotton/Elastane blend for optimum comfort 
  • Incredible breathability
  • Ideal for sleeping and breastfeeding
  • No underwire, clips, buttons or straps
  • Steady and gentle support
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Reviewed on 26 July 2018
I'm using this bra now with my breasts growing its accommodates room for the growth. Very comfortable and reliable. The support is great too I honestly highly recommend this bra.
Okay bra for home
Reviewed on 05 February 2018
I brought this bra on the way home from hospital as I wanted something comfy, as I knew what I was up for when my milk would come in as it was my second bub but to be honest it was not comfortable at all no support and it made my breast a funny shape like really pointing looking in the bra lol, I did like the texture of the material was nice against on skin thou. It might be okay for smaller Breast women but I felt for me being E cup I needed more support
life saver
Reviewed on 21 November 2017
During my pregnancy no bra was comfortable until I stumble upon this one. It's comfortable not leaving red marks on my body. It honestly feels like I'm wearing nothing and great for after birth easy to use for breastfeeding. I highly recommend this. Also has great support
Comfortable bra
Reviewed on 22 October 2017
A very comfortable bra! I love the razor back and the material is extremely soft and stretchy and feels so nice to wear. It is also an easy bra to feed with and the clasps and quick to undo and quite. However I do not feel like it supports me at all and I did not like the way it shaped my breasts especially when wearing a tshirt . A comfortable bra to sleep in but I would not wear it during the day .
Comfortable, but unsupportive!
Reviewed on 20 October 2017
This bra makes a great overnight bra when breastfeeding - it is very comfortable! Pros: Stretchy fabric - The fit of the bra is constantly changing with breast size, so the cups never feel too big or small depending on when my next feed is. Clips - The soft close clips are amazing, hardly any noise escapes when undoing them, a massive plus when baby is finally asleep! Cons: Size - The sizing chart is a bit off. I am a 10A/B bra size and the small size of this bra was too small for me. It dug in under my arms to create an unflattering fold between my armpit and bra edge (see attached photo) It also didn’t flatter the shape of my breasts. Difficult to put on - with no clasps at the back, this bra is very difficult to stretch over my head. Unsupportive - this bra did not support my small breasts when I was using it around the house and lightly exercising, so I could not recommend this as an “active” bra. For just under $50, I don’t think this bra is worth the money. The only use I have for it is wearing as an overnight bra.
Good overnight bra.
Reviewed on 19 October 2017
I don't think I would wear this bra out, it's just been good as an around the house bra. The bra is very comfortable to wear but I find it very unflattering. The cup design doesn't support my bust well and makes the shape of my breasts obscured. This may be due to a sizing issue but I did follow the chart sizing. It's been great for overnight feeds as it's not restricting and there's no uncomfortable seams or wires but I wouldn't wear it for anything more active than walking.
Good for growth
Reviewed on 13 October 2017
I wasn't impressed with this bra at all. I liked the back design as I find it hard to find maternity bras like this. However, I didn't feel like it supported me at all. I have a large bust and felt like it didn't give a nice shape, or support me in any way. On the other hand, it was very comfortable, and would be a good bra if you don't want to commit to a size. If you're looking for something that pulls it all together though, this probably isn't the style for you. I would expect to buy something like this for about half the price.
Wow what a bra!
Reviewed on 12 October 2017
I’ve used this bra for a week (yes gross) 😂 mainly only for bed so it can support my changing breasts Throughout my pregnancy. I’ve had the worst sore beasts through the night. So bad they wake me up since wearing this bra to bed I’ve had the best nights sleep! It’s comfortable, well fitting and very supportive. I wore it on a low impact walk and it was perfect. I was playing with the clips for breastfeeding and they seem easy to use and no noise when clipping back up. Only thing I dislike is there are no bra clips at the back to undo and do up and I struggle to take it off when I’m all sweaty after a walk. 10/10 from me
So comfortable!
Reviewed on 20 April 2017
Once I was wearing it, I realised how great it was, it fit really well to my constantly changing body, was supportive all the time and kept me inside, regardless of when I'd fed last. The release to pull the bra down is also the quietest out of all of my maternity bras so never wakes up my baby when we finish nursing! Wore it to the gym tonight too, and it was just as comfortable and supportive there as it is when I wear it to bed some nights.
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