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F256 Npack 1 RGB72dpi
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Strollerbuddy® StrollAway® F256 Over the Door Stroller Hanger


Dreambaby® has a variety of products to help make everyday living with a child easier .The Dreambaby® StrollAway® is a over the door stroller storage hanger, perfect to fit any space. Adjust the arms, hang the stroller, close the door and get the stroller off the floor, out of sight, and out of the way. (stroller not included)

  • Simply hangs over doors to store your stroller with no screws or drilling required
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Slides easily over the door
  • StrollAway® can hold strollers up to 22.5kg 
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Great for Hiding
Reviewed on 12 December 2019
Great, Easy to use amazing space saver especially for those houses that don’t have much space. Such a great thing to have for all new and experienced mums
Saves on space
Reviewed on 11 December 2019
It makes storing my pram so easy and I no longer have to keep it stored in my car taking up huge amounts of space. Packs away flat against the door frame so you don’t notice it is there.
Strong storage solution
Reviewed on 10 December 2019
The stroller buddy stroll away Over the door pram storage hook is very strong and easily fits over the door. There was no assembly required as it is all one piece. It’s really handy how the hook arms can fold flat against the door when it’s not in use to save space and time. It would be the perfect addition to the laundry to or to a storage cupboard. Could be used for multi purpose storage and was able to hold my Mountain Buggy Nano Duo (double stroller) very comfortably.
Great idea
Reviewed on 05 December 2019
Having the pram inside is a nightmare, my older 2 are always pushing it around and ramming the walls. Now that I have this I can put it out of reach from them and save the walls a little bit. I thought my strider might have been too heavy for it but it fits perfectly. I keep my nappy bag on it when my pram isn’t using it. Love it!
So streamlined and tidy :D
Reviewed on 15 January 2019
It makes storing my pram so easy and I no longer risk having it stolen off my porch or taking up huge amounts of space in the home. Packs away flat against the door frame so you don’t notice it’s there.
Awesome products! Saving lots of space!
Reviewed on 11 December 2018
I won this products last week, thanks again to The Baby Industry! :) The only regret is why I didn’t know this products early,lol. I ended up throw away my pram from my first child due to mouldy as I stored them in the balcony. Now with this StrollAway from dreambaby, it’s perfectly fit over our laundry room door. Saving our space! I love how easily to adjust the arms, with the “wavy” design, it safely hold the pram/stroller to stay well in 1 position. Great product! Recommended!!! :)
Great space saver
Reviewed on 04 December 2018
This is fantastic saving so much space as prams are quite bulky even folded. Easy to put on any door and I love how easy you can adjust the hooks to wider or narrow.
Space saving Superstar
Reviewed on 23 July 2018
Living in a small house, I am constantly looking for clever storage ideas to maximise space. Having young toddlers, my pram is always laying about, getting in the way and taking up precious space! After seeing the reviews on the Strollerbuddy StrollAway, I knew this product would be perfect for me. Thankfully I was not disappointed! Simple to install and even easier to use, the StrollAway simply hooks over your door and you adjust the hooks to suit the size of your pram. It is strong and holds our pram well. Sadly, I have found that opening and closing the door with the StrollAway attached has removed some of the paint from the door frame. Even with that minor con, the StrollAway has created a lot of valuable space in our nursery and I would reccomend it to anyone needing to save space.
Great space saver!
Reviewed on 08 February 2018
The Dreambaby Strollaway has been such a great product for me as it’s given me back space in my garage that I desperately needed! I’m in a tiny duplex so anything that can help with saving space is terrific for me. No more kicking my toes trying to get around it. It’s neatly packed away up high out of our way 🙌🏼
Easy way to keep the pram inside
Reviewed on 29 January 2018
Got this a few weeks ago and I love it. I have a yoyo, so it wasn’t taking up much space but because I have extra accessories on it, it’s much easier to hang than put on the floor. I was hoping it would go over the front door, but alas it didn’t fit perfectly. It does however fit over my daughters bedroom door (old house, nonstandard doors?). I hang it from the carrying strap which seems fairly safe and if I’m feeling super organised I’ll also pop the bag over the pram, which tidies the whole thing up. Side benefit is it keeps the cats off the pram, so less things I have to remove cat hair from!
Perfect for that extra space
Reviewed on 18 December 2017
This product is super easy to use and all you need is a door to use it. You basically hang it from the top of the door and then grab your pram and place it on the handles! It’s so convineinet because you can move it to any door in the house and you’ll never forget where you left it. It provides less clutter in our household and we would definitely recommend to any parents!
Perfect storage solution
Reviewed on 15 December 2017
I have been trialling the strollaway and have found it to be so handy! No longer do I have the pram in the way in the room or sitting at the front of the house where it can be stollen. I simply attach the Strollaway over any door, fold my pram up and it’s out of my way! I love that it is portable and I can take it on holidays or even to mums if we are staying there. It’s sturdy, and can hold a decent amount of weight, so I don’t need to worry about it snapping or the pram falling on my sons head! Such a handy invention especially if you live in a unit, apartment or small house where space is an issue! It also folds back when not in use so it’s out of the way
Great Idea
Reviewed on 11 December 2017
I was lucky to try out this new product - i seriously love the idea behind it. i don't like having things on the floor where the kids can have access to it so with over the door stroller hanger - it was perfect. you don;t need to screw anything to wall so that;s a bonus. The only thing I wasn't happy with (maybe it was my door type), but with the product installed - my door didn't close properly. it left a few mm gap which isn't even noticeable though.
Perfect for those with limited space
Reviewed on 09 December 2017
I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to test and review the dreambaby stroll away. I have a bugaboo buffalo which is quite heavy and it holds my pram without any issues. I have a small house so this has actually been such an amazing product. I love it. I love that it's so simple to install (hooks straight over the top of any door, no screws required) and you can collapse the pram hooks outwards against the door when not in use so you don't have to worry about them putting holes in your wall if you open the door when you have mum brain. Definitely recommend it.
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