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Before you read the blog, let me give you a disclaimer. I am no cook. I am a mummy-blogger and never a food blogger. I’m actually terrible in the kitchen, not just average – terrible! Now some people say that and then can pull off the most amazing spread you have ever seen. I am not one of those people. My husband knew this before he married me so it is no surprise to him. My mother and mother-in-law are the most amazing cooks and I have made peace with the fact that I can't be like them. I'm for the most part totally okay with my lack of ability. But I must admit, when it comes to having kids and making food somewhat edible or hopefully enjoyable, it would really help to have some skills and some easy recipes up my sleeve. 
Enter Annabel Karmel's Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book.
Annabel knows exactly what she's talking about, she just gets it. She has been in the business for over 25 years so I feel like I can really trust her. There’s no fads, or trends about her cooking, it’s what she KNOWS. Flick through her latest book and you'll see that she hasn't just come up with delicious recipes for your kids - they are really family recipes. And they are E-A-S-Y.
I had a chat to mother of three and Renowned accredited practicing dietician and paediatric nutritionist Monique Etkind and asked her what her take was on the book and this is what she said “Annabel Karmel's  recipes help  parents in  providing their children with delicious nutrient packed meals. The step to step instructions make it simple to follow and remove the stress from meal preparation. It is so important to ensure these growing bodies receive the right balance of nutrients to achieve optimum growth and development.  By providing  nutritious and tasty meals  these requirements will more likely be met and will assist in creating a positive environment around meal and snack time, thus forming the foundations of healthy eating habits for the future”.
It is so refreshing when you yourself are happy with the recipe book, a respected Dietician gives it the tick of approval but most importantly – the family gives it their all important tick! If I can make them, I promise you so can you. There are a few things I absolutely love about this book, and probably what makes it so different to all the others out there:

1. You have heard of most of the ingredients. They aren't specialty store kind of ingredients that you have to have a treasure map of the store to find. They are the kinds you would keep in your pantry or fridge anyways. 
2. There are tips throughout - there isn't assumed knowledge which is perfect for amateurs like me. She even advises which utensils are for what - it’s actually taught me a lot about cooking in general. And if you find baby feeding and routine overwhelming (which I’m sure most of you do) she takes the guesswork out of that aspect too!
3. They are DELICIOUS. I might have not made them as pretty as AK does, as you will see evidence of that in the photos. But they all seemed to work out pretty well and most importantly tasted amazing. 
4. You don't need to make separate meals for yourself and the kids - they are “whole family friendly”. The recipes will appeal to everyone from young baby’s first purees or Baby Led Weaning recipes all the way up to older children, parents, grandparents, dinner parties - it’s all in there!
5. There is such variety in the book. I have three children aged 1,5 and 6 all with varying likes and dislikes. Added to that my husband doesn’t like vegetables (so the ones that sneak them in is perfect) and I like vegetarian dishes. I had the children choosing which ones they like which also helped them to get involved in the cooking of it.
I have trialed so many recipes and had a lot of success and thumbs up from the kids which I'm thrilled with. Empty plates were my measure of success and it has been so nice incorporating new delicious meals into meal making. The kid’s favourites so far have been the Banana Muffins, Bolognese Pasta Bake and the Sesame Coated Salmon: this book has actually made me a little bit excited about cooking. Now if I could just find someone to clean up after me!

See – I told you I was no food blogger!

Thanks so much to Monique Etkind for sharing her knowledge! 
Monique Etkind Bsc. Nutrition (HONS), APD, AN
Monique.etkind@gmail.com  0405 224 694
You can find her on Facebook and Instagram

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