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300dpi F714 Npack
300dpi F714 Npack
CK014 F146W 08 RGB 72dpi

Dreambaby F714 Mini Multi-Purpose Latches 5pk


Dreambaby® Multi-Purpose Latches can be applied to cupboards and cabinets and keep your children safe from harm in any room of the house including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garage and living areas. With a sleek, clear design they are virtually unnoticeable against your home decor.

The Dreambaby® Multi-Purpose Latches adhere safely and firmly to surfaces such as glass and mirrors, laminated furniture, cabinets, varnished wood, timber veneer and metal. They are easy for adults to operate - gently pull strap off disc and replace to return to secure lock position.
Keep your little ones safe and protect your valuables as well as your peace of mind!
  • Adhesive child safety items that simply stick on to surfaces (with easy-to-remove tape), preventing the need for any screws, drills, and damage to furniture or appliances. 
  • Multi-Purpose Latch
  • Clear & flexible strap
  • Easy to install
  • Mini Latches 5pk
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Great for younger children
Reviewed on 10 December 2017
We decked out our cupboards and some drawers in these, and they have been very handy to have- especially for when you don’t have handles to thread locks through or cupboards you are able to drill into. They are very stiff at the start, and quite hard to open/close, but after you start using them they become easier to click on and off. Further down the track they can become very loose, we found once our little one was bigger he could work out how to pull them off the cupboards we used frequently. The white sticky dots can also be difficult to remove once you are finished with them, we have a couple that have just stayed put (great sticking power though!)
Toddler proof.
Reviewed on 12 October 2017
The design of the latches is a great idea. Easy to install but terrible to uninstall as they leave all the double sided tape on the doors which is terrible to remove. When unclipping the latches they are really easy but they are quiet hard to pop back on when re locking. They are definitely baby/toddler proof which at the end of the day is what they are designed for.
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