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love to dream winter warmer turquoise
love to dream winter warmer turquoise
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Love To Dream Swaddle UP Warm


The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Winter Warm has built-in 100% bamboo filling to help keep your baby warm & comfortable. The all-natural bamboo filling is naturally breathable, temperature-regulating & anti-bacterial. There are no loose layers for your baby to kick off while sleeping making it the safer, warmer option for winter. The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Winter Warm's unique arms UP design allows your baby access to their hands for self-soothing. Medical research suggests that babies sleep better, & for longer, if they are able to self-soothe. The only zip-up swaddle that allows your baby to sleep in a more natural position with arms UP.  This means more sleep for the whole family.                                       

93% cotton, 7% elastane; Filling: Viscose (100% Bamboo)                                                       

 Why arms UP?

 It is your baby’s natural sleep position that access to their hands for self-soothing. Babies often use their hands to settle themselves to sleep, by sucking on their fingers or gently rubbing their cheeks. Medical research suggests that babies sleep better, & for longer, if they are able to self-soothe. So self-soothing = more sleep for the whole family.

Need more sleep? Swaddle UP! 

  • Snug fit makes your baby feel secure & helps to calm their natural startle reflex
  • Eliminates excess loose fabric in the cot
  • Wings prevent face-scratching
  • May reduce the risk of your baby accidentally rolling onto their tummy
  • Genius twin-zipper for easy nappy changes
  • Hip-healthy design allows the recommended flexion for hips & legs
  • Has built-in 100% bamboo filling to help keep your baby warm & comfortable.
  • Naturally breathable, temperature-regulating & anti-bacterial.
  • No loose layers for your baby to kick off while sleeping making it the safer, warmer option for winter.
  • The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Winter Warm's unique arms UP design allows your baby access to their hands for self-soothing. 
  • Warm option
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Makes sleep time easy
Reviewed on 20 October 2017
Take the stress out of sleep time with Love To Dream swaddles. They are seriously amazing and were a life saver when introduced to our newborn. Marlee hated being wrapped with blankets, would wringle out within minutes and sleeptime was non existent. As soon as we put her in the Swaddle Up warm sleeptime became a breeze. No need for the stress of blankets becoming loose in the bed or bub becoming unwrapped, just zip up and you are all done. We used this swaddle throughout winter and cannot recommend them enough. Love To Dream swaddles are a must have & have been part of our sleeptime routine for the past 6 months
Reviewed on 20 October 2017
I used this last year for my LO as well as I've used the summer love to dream swaddles and the 50/50. They have been a life saver for my little wriggler. Had issues with swaddling him from a newborn, he hated it, with this his arms were free for him to rub his face or suck on his hand. As he got bigger and could move and roll it became a relief that I wasn't worried that he would be too cold in winter because he had wriggled out of blankets or worried that the blankets would end up over his face. He was always warm and I would just dress him as needed underneath depending on how cold it was. I have twins on the way and I will definitely be using all love to dream swaddles and sleeping bags again, amazing product!!
Life savers 😍
Reviewed on 19 October 2017
these are by far the best thing I have purchased for my baby the winter warm ones are my favourite they always kept my little guy warm at night being a may baby in Victoria winter ❄️ . I would highly recommend these they make life so much easier that wrapping an re wrapping I was always waking my baby up wrapping him, they are a tad pricey but well worth the money I will be keeping mine for if I have a second baby, I feel like they were part of the reason my baby slept so well he was comfortable An warm thank you love to dream for your amazing product.
Great for winter
Reviewed on 16 October 2017
Our baby was born in July and having this zip up swaddle was great to know that she was going to be warm during the night. The zip up style was quick and easy... a lifesaver because she loved to kick from the start and who wants to be fighting with wrapping at 2am!
Sleep Saver
Reviewed on 12 October 2017
I was getting up numerous times through the night trying to pull the blankets up on my baby and no sooner would I pull them up, he would worm and kick them off. My first daughter hated to be swaddled, she couldn't be confined at all. So I hadn't bother to purchase any swaddles for my boy. At my wits end, I borrowed a swaddle from a friends but he still had so much movement in it, he would squirm too much and wake himself up and I still had to put a blanket over the top. I then decided to give a LTD warm swaddle a try, it was a risk for $54 but I'm glad I splashed out. I LOVE that they give you a temperature guide and advise you on how to layer clothing for the weather. It relieves some pressure of second guessing yourself which as a mum, it's easy to do. Even though it is thick and warm, the bamboo and cotton is breathable so no sweaty overheating baby. It has a nice snug fit down to the waist and loose around legs which kept my baby happy that he could still wriggle his legs but his body felt like he was being held snug and arms couldn't 'startle' awake. Nappy changes are easy through the night. My little man no longer wakes up because he gets too cold because I can quickly zip him back up again. My bub loves his swaddle, he feels safe and snug, I now only swaddle him at night and he knows this is time for a big sleep. My baby probably rubs away at his face a little too much because of his eczema so it doesn't get much of a chance to heal but in saying that the swaddle hasn't been the source of any flareups. The swaddle takes a little while to dry, especially in winter, if you are going to be using them, definitely purchase more than one. My baby sucks away at his fingers so it gets damp and needs to be washed regularly. I definitely recommend trying the LTD swaddles off a friend or family member if you can. Not all babies like being swaddled so you don't want to purchase this for no reason. For me though, this has saved me so many sleepless nights, it has been a priceless purchase.
Arms to close to face
Reviewed on 09 October 2017
I am sure some babies love having their hands up by their face but my baby didn’t. He kept waking himself up because he was able to hit himself in the face. I also found that the “warm” layer was only on the top of the bag and I was nervous that this didn’t keep my baby warm, unlike other bags where the whole thing is a thick warm material. I found them very easy to put on though because you just put their hands in the little “pocket” for them and you can do the zip up, unlike other swaddle bags with zips where I am scared I might zip their hands.
Excellent invention and great product
Reviewed on 18 September 2017
I was recommended love to dream swaddles during pregnancy and absolutely love them. I started from the moment my son was born in hospital and progressed to using the winter warm version so I didn't have to worry about blankets and baby possibly wriggling under and suffocating on a loose blanket. My son slept soundly and loved to have his arms up to sleep. He was able to self soothe by sucking hos hands if he wanted (through the wings) and the swaddle kept him toasty warm all night even during Tasmanian Winter. The swaddles wash really well and also have great resale value. I'll definitely use with future babies and highly recommend them
Highly recommend
Reviewed on 11 September 2017
I used love to dream with baby number 1 and was instantly hooked. The transition bags with zips make switching to arms free super easy. With baby number 2 i re used all my bags from baby 1 but I was lucky enough to be gifted a winter warmer. Best gift ever - has kept baby warm all winter and the arms up has worked brilliantly once again. Can't praise this enough!
Because swaddling is for chumps
Reviewed on 08 September 2017
If you're like my partner or I, first time user long time listener, swaddling is an art form... in which we lack the creativity. We also happened to birth the Houdini of a child who hated being swaddles with her arms in. This product was one all my newer mum friends told us we MUST get, so into the hospital bag it popped. The winter warmer was warm enough in the QLD winter that often a blanket is not needed on the top (layering underneath the swaddle). This is online with safe sleeping standards by SIDS. The suit gives the right amount of security to keep a minimal restriction over the startling/morro reflex which often wakes a child, as well as enough leg and hip room as recommended by the hip displasia organisation. Perfect for young babies in the winter!!! Do your self a favour and stop wrapping your baby in origami.
Love this product!
Reviewed on 24 August 2017
My baby has loved sleeping in the love to dream swaddle. He can move his arms around but at the same time he is swaddled to keep him asleep. The bamboo filling gives you peace of mind knowing they are nice and warm all night which always worried me. I do recommend having two incase one gets dirty (and of course it will) and needs to be washed.
Best baby product
Reviewed on 16 August 2017
This is hands down my favourite baby product out there. Both my babies have used these swaddles but the winter ones are fantastic. Can do all the layering underneath and this product works both as a swaddle and sleeping bag because it's so warm. Love the double ended zip and have managed 2 sneaky nappy changes while baby slept and did not wake!!!! Amazing. Would recommend to anyone.
easy to use swaddle
Reviewed on 15 August 2017
these swaddles are easy to use and is great for babys that wakes themself by flinging their arms up BUT the only warmth part in the lower front side of the swaddle leaving bubs hands up the top under thin material making them cold
Swaddling made easy!
Reviewed on 01 August 2017
I've always been a big fan of Love to Dream swaddles since my first born lived in them. I purchased this one for my newborn as he's my first winter baby so I wanted that extra warmth through the chilly nights. The only con to this swaddle itself is that the arm wing material is quite thin and was leaving my bubs hands cold so I've had to layer him with mittens. The design and shape makes it so easy to keep him feeling snug and secure without the worry of him being an overnight houdini. Another great feature is the two way zip which is great for bum changes without causing bub to startle with his hands free. I also love that it comes with a temperature dressing guideline for the swaddle as it's something I always struggled with.
Easy swaddle for a new mum!
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
I'm a new mum to a winter baby (now 1 month old) and love love love these winter swaddles. So easy to use with the bottom and top open zip for changing nappies etc, plus baby is very happy having her arms up near her mouth (without smacking herself in the face or scratching herself) instead of wrapped up like a normal muslin swaddle or blanket. Definitely recommend to anyone with a new bub. I'll be buying the next sizes up once she grows out of this one :)
Good swaddle but wasn't for us
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
I purchased this for my baby as he is a winter baby, he was much bigger then I expected so sadly we didn't get much use out of it. I did find that he didn't like his hands being in. He is a Houdini and always gets his hand out when swaddled. I understand every baby is different in the way they sleep and like things so for us this was a trial and error thing. We used this from birth but I didn't like how high the zip went up under his chin it was just that little bit too high. I have since purchased the love to dream 50/50 and he much prefers that as he can have his hands out with the wings zipped off and it seems to sit alot better under the chin.
Great for winter
Reviewed on 25 July 2017
We love the Love to Dream swaddles. My son has always liked having access to his hands, so they are perfect for us. The winter addition is great. The fabric is surprisingly thin and light for 2.5 tog, but still warm and firm enough to provide comfort. As an added bonus, I think having always had access to his hands, we found transitioning out of the swaddle when he started rolling very easy.
Comfortable and very helpful for my baby : )
Reviewed on 11 July 2017
I loved the love to dream swaddle my baby did not like sleeping with he arms out as she had a strong startle reflex and would wake herself crying. i didn't think anything would work but this swaddle definitely did and it kept her very warm in this freezing cold Melbourne weather.
Cannot live without!!
Reviewed on 09 July 2017
I wish Love To Dream was born when I had my first baby, how much sleep was lost from wrapping my first baby the traditional way with him escaping is beyond words. Such an amazing good quality product, highly recommend.
great product but wish that the arms sleeves are thicker materials
Reviewed on 30 June 2017
this product was an overall awesome product for my bubba who is born in the winter period, my daughter hates being wrapped in a muslin as ahe tends to like leaving her arms out and that she can suck on her hands. this swaddles are designed perfectly for my bubba to sel sooth herself and she can sleep through 7 hour stright when she was only 2 months old. the Cons however are that the materials on the arms area are of a thinner material which makes my bubbas hand cold all the time. her body is very warm with the extra thick fabric but the hands are always freezing cold. if the material could be a thicker one it may be better to keep overall warmth.
Sleep saver
Reviewed on 25 June 2017
These swaddles are a life saver. We live in a very cold climate and with having an almost winter baby, and not wanting her to be covered in blankets for sleep, the winter warm swaddle has been a life saver. My baby absolutely hates the conventional tight wrap swaddle and she will kick and fuss until her arms and legs were loose. I thought I would give the love to dream swaddle a shot and we have had a lot of success. It was the first time she had slept for more than an hour straight. It stopped her from startling herself and waking herself up. Sleep still isn't our strong point, but love to dream has definitely helped. I absolutely love this product, could not rate it any higher. Thanks love to dream
Fantastic addition to their range
Reviewed on 14 June 2017
I have used Love to Dream swaddles for all 3 of my daughters. Previously in winter I would put on the LTD swaddle, and then a 2.5tog sleeping bag over the top, which was time consuming and bulky. Thankfully with my third daughter LTD released this swaddle! It's so easy to now keep my daughter warm while using their world first "Arms Up" system which has been a success in have all 3 of my kids settle themselves to sleep. I recommend them to every new parent!
Super warm and soft
Reviewed on 03 May 2017
These swaddles are the best I've used for my twins. I have used the Original Love to Dream Swaddles also, but prefer the extra warmth that the Winter Warm swaddles provide. The material is super soft and snuggly. The bag is warm over bubs chest and legs. The only swaddle I use!
Great swaddle
Reviewed on 25 April 2017
So much easier than wrapping Bub and Bub loves it. Bub still feels snug like a wrap but can still move. The winter swaddle is great for when it starts to cool off at night
Reviewed on 14 April 2017
Very soft & beautiful on bubs skin. The perfect way to keep your baby warm & feeling secure like they did in the womb. Great price for a quality product.
Best find!
Reviewed on 12 April 2017
These were the best Swaddle option for my thumb sucking escape artist! They didn't bunch around her face like other brand Swaddle bags and allowed her to suck her hands. Fantastic product!
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