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oricom sc870 baby video monitor3
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oricom 3 Year Warranty

Oricom Secure870 3.5" Touchscreen Video Baby Monitor with Motorised Pan Tilt Camera and Starry Light


If you want the ultimate in baby monitoring, this monitor is for you! The Oricom Secure870 3.5" Touchscreen Video Baby Monitor with Motorised Pan Tilt Camera and Starry Lightshow has everything you will need and want. With a 3.5” touchscreen, 480x320 resolution screen, 3x digital zoom and motorised pan-tilt camera you can check on your little one from anywhere in the home. And to make sure baby is always kept entertained when they need to be, it comes complete with a lightshow, lullabies, white noise, nature & womb sounds all to help make sleep-time a little bit easier. 

Other amazing features include parent talk back so you little one can be calmed when you out the room, vibrations alerts, room temperature monitor to make sure baby is sleeping at the perfect room temperature and baby friendly night vision. 

In-use time up to 6.5hrs (parent unit) with multi-camera capable (up to four), additional cameras sold separately (CU870*) . Motorised pan-tilt camera and Starry night lightshow. Adjustable night light. 19 lullabies, white noise, nature and womb sounds. Wall mountable (screws included)

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features: 3.5” touchscreen, 480x320 resolution screen, 3x digital zoom and motorised pan-tilt camera, lightshow, lullabies, white noise, nature & womb sounds with multi-camera capable (up to four), additional cameras sold separately (CU870*)

sound and volume: 19 lullabies, white noise, nature and womb sounds. Cry alert and sound sensitive light display. Mute function.

baby and parent unit: Mains powered baby unit. Rechargeable parent unit battery supplied. Charging pod needs to be plugged into mains. In-use time up to 6.5hrs (parent unit)

frequency range: 300m

warranty: 3 year warranty

  • 3.5” touchscreen, 480x320 resolution screen, 3x digital zoom and motorised pan-tilt camera
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Motorised pan-tilt camera and Starry night lightshow
  • Adjustable night light. 19 lullabies, white noise, nature and womb sounds.
  • In-use time up to 6.5hrs (parent unit) with multi-camera capable (up to four)
  • Additional cameras sold separately (CU870*)   
  • What are CRY ALERTS?
    Babies make all sorts of sounds, from gurgling and snuffling to chatting and crying. Cry alerts won't alert you to every little snuffle, but only when your child is making a loud noise. A cry alert only sounds when the Parent unit is on mute (by setting the parent unit volume to zero). Important: If the screen's off or in sleep mode, it will come on when there is a cry alert. If your baby settles, a cry alert will stop automatically after 30 seconds. You will always see the latest CRY ALERT on the screen. If you dismiss the latest alert you'll see the previous one.
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Picture quality, durability!
Reviewed on 25 November 2018
I have had this monitor sice my daughter was a baby but never used it until just recently. Its perfect for night as the picture is still quite clear compared to other brands. Its also very durible you can imagine with a curious toddler how many times it gets knocked and its been great. Great features also, tilting panning sounds and night light!
Great monitor
Reviewed on 25 September 2018
This monitor is great how you can pan and tilt the camera. My son loves the lightshow and the music is great for day naps. I love how you can talk to bub through the monitor. Cons: battery life isn't great and is quite $$$
Reviewed on 23 July 2018
I got this a few days ago after havin issues with the v tech one I had and this is beyond amazing It gives you piece of mind when you have a good monitor and it’s so worth the money I just ordered a 2nd camera for it as I’m preg with Bub 4 and want one in baby’s room and my toddlers
One of the essential baby items!
Reviewed on 13 May 2018
I bought this for my first child after trialing several different brands. The best thing about this monitor is the motorised pan tilt, being able to track my baby when she moves in her sleep is amazing, whereas before i had to enter the room and manually move the camera if she had gone out of view and risk waking her. I love the large screen with zoom in feature, and the starry night and lullaby feature helped my little one slowly fall asleep. One of the best baby purchases I've made!! Cons..quite expensive and handheld screen battery doesn't last the hours it claims to, but I just run it off the power.
The Best
Reviewed on 27 March 2018
We have been using this for the last three months and love it! The camera is really clear even in the dark room, this monitor also allows you to control music, lights and talking back into the room from the monitor! This is really handy when you are lying in bed exhausted!! Not only can you play a lullaby but you can set it to play for the amount of time that you require! Of course then there is the best part the star light show - gorgeous and very mesmerizing for your little one. The monitor works really well in our double brick house and picks up the camera easily when we take it downstairs to the back of the house. The monitor also allows you to turn the screen off (it is quite bright) and just have the sound on over night, but it is easy to see the button to press for the screen to come on in the middle of the night!
Worth the Investment!!!!
Reviewed on 23 November 2017
Oricom Secure870 helps ease your worries with the transition to cot. The white noise helps block out unwanted noise on a busy street, the pan & zoom helps to see baby’s breathing & the accurate temperate readings are invaluable when deciding to add/remove layers to keep baby comfortable. Being able to add multiple cameras and the talk option will be priceless when bub and family grow.
Love this monitor
Reviewed on 11 September 2017
I absolutely love this monitor. I'm particularly enjoying the touchscreen and the pan tilt camera. If my toddler moves during the night and is no longer within sight of the camera I can easily tilt the camera towards his position so I can see him more clearly (see attached image for how easy it is to move the camera). I've also bought a second camera for my newborn so I can link both cameras to the one main screen - very impressed with the monitor overall!
Highly recommend we love it
Reviewed on 07 September 2017
So many positives to this baby monitor! Love that i can move the camera around using the touch screen monitor which I can carry around with me. I take the monitor into my yard to do gardening or into the bathroom while I shower while my daughter naps knowing I can hear and see her on the monitor I feel safe to do so. Knowing the temperate in her room just by looking at the screen is a great feature we rely on and check alot. It's a very easy to use touch screen monitor. Being able to set the timer for the lullabies is also great. My only negative for us would be that we have the camera up high and the starry night lights doesn't look right on our roof because the roof is to close to it. I would still highly recommend it it's definitely worth the price I would never be without it.
Wonderful monitor!
Reviewed on 31 August 2017
I love this monitor! Best things about the monitor are: -Love that the camera can be adjusted from the touchscreen. This means I don't need to go into the room to move the camera and wake the baby. -The touchscreen is very clear during the day and is in colour -The starry projector is a great feature -Love the variety of music and white noise that can be played. I use the hairdryer and womb noises for my 12 week old and it seems to help her sleep -Nightlight is a great feature to check on bub without putting on a harsh lamp -The zoom feature helps me see if my baby is breathing and awake/asleep Some negatives about the monitor: -The star projector wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be. I thought it would be more of a lightshow but it is very subtle and I would like it to be more animated to catch my baby's attention. I thought it was a great idea for soothing but perhaps doesn't work for me. -The screen isn't as clear as I would like at night time. I can see my baby fine and it does it's purpose, but I'd like the image to be more crisp when zoomed in. You can see in one of my attached photos that the screen went blurry when the camera is in a dim room. This doesn't seem to happen in a room with a regular lamp but it happened in a room with a pink Himalayan salt lamp. -I can't figure out the cry feature. I can hear my baby cry when the volume is on but I set the monitor to light up and vibrate, and it hasn't happened. Overall I love this monitor and I feel the positives outweigh the negatives and I would highly recommend it. It is definately better and has more features than other monitors I have used, and the screen is better than others I have used as well despite not being 100% clear when zoomed in. I would like the monitor to come in a more neutral colour like light grey. I like that Ican carry the screen around with e and set it on the table or couch easily and it stands on its own. This monitor helps gives me peace of mind and I highly recommend it.
life saver
Reviewed on 26 August 2017
This is absolutely a necessity it's great. I can clearly hear baby's movements. Especially when you have housework to do. It's easy to use and connect and I love the projector function
Excellent video monitor with lots of features
Reviewed on 21 August 2017
I wanted this monitor mainly for peace of mind and to be able to hear and see my baby because my house is quite long. It has been absolutely amazing and I am more then pleased with this product. I love that I can put my baby to bed awake and I can turn on a lullaby and lightshow and he falls asleep very quickly! I also love that I can continue doing my housework etc and can carry the mobile monitor around with me wherever I go. I can always see and hear very clearly what is going on in my babies room. Another feature I found so helpful was the temperature! It shows on my screen and beeps and tells me if it gets to cold. I also love that I can add more cameras in the future shall I need to. Another feature which I have been using is the feeding timer. I just set it to 3 hourly and it reminds me by beeping and or vibration that my baby is due for a feed. I highly recommend this product to any mums looking for a high quality video monitor. Another bonus is it also has a three year warranty for peace of mind.
Excellent video monitor with the benefits of white noise and lullabies
Reviewed on 21 August 2017
I love the Oricom Secure 870 touchscreen video baby monitor with motorised pan tilt camera. It has enabled me peace of mind with knowing I can watch my sleeping baby and talk to him via the talk back feature to reassure him I'm there. I can also control the night light, starry night light projection display, the lullabies or white noise and move the camera to any angle required for better viewing. The added bonus of having a built in thermometer and alerting if the room is too cold or too warm is fantastic (although being in Tasmania, I've only ever been alerted that the room is too cold). The microphone is quite sensitive and picks up the slightest noise from baby and has a noise display called a crying alert so you can see on the monitor if baby is crying if you have the sound off or down. I use the lullabies and white noise during all naps and like the fact you can set it on a timer to turn off or have it play continuously. The same with the light display - everything can be set to a timer. The other bonus is you can add extra cameras to this setup so if you have more than one child or sleeping areas or even want a camera in a play room, you just get an extra camera and it will wireless connect. No need for a whole new monitor or moving between rooms. I'd definitely recommend this monitor for peace of mind. It has a fairly good distance range (although I'm only in a single story home)
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