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11721 SCF651 Natural Teat 1Hole
11721 SCF651 Natural Teat 1Hole
11721 SCF651 Natural Teat FOP
11722 SCF652 Natural Teat 2Hole
11722 SCF652 Natural Teat FOP
11723 SCF653 Natural Teat 3Hole
11723 SCF653 Natural Teat FOP
11724 SCF654 Natural Teat 4Hole
11724 SCF654 Natural Teat FOP
11725 SCF655 Natural Teat Var
11725 SCF655 Natural Teat FOP

Philips Avent Natural Teats 2pk

The wide breast shaped nipple promotes natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding. Innovative twin valve designed to reduce colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not baby’s tummy

The petals inside the Philips AVENT teat increases the softness and flexibility with teat collapse. Your baby will enjoy a more comfortable and contented feed. Use only with Philips AVENT Natural feeding bottles.

Philips Avent offers 5 different flow rates to keep up with your baby’s growth. Remember that age indications are approximate as babies develop at different rates. Philips Avent offers the newborn flow nipple with
  • 1 hole (0M+),
  • the slow flow nipple with 2 holes (1M+),
  • the medium flow nipple with 3 holes (3M+)
  • the variable flow (3M+)
  • the fast flow nipple with 4 holes (6M+).
  • Wide breast shaped nipple promotes natural latch on similar to the breast
  • The petals inside the Philips AVENT teat increases the softness and flexibility with teat collapse
  • Philips Avent offers 5 different flow rates to keep up with your baby’s growth
  • 2pk
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Surprisingly good
Reviewed on 14 November 2017
When i initially gave this teat to my exclusively breastfed 6 month old, she was reluctant. But after a bit of struggle she took it and found it just very easy and without any hesitation finished her bottle feed. For it came as a surprise because early on she was not good in taking bottle feed but this really helped.
Not great
Reviewed on 09 November 2017
Whilst I loved the grip of the bottle - the teat seemed to flow way to fast for my baby. She was gulping down way quickly causing lots of overflow. Perhaps a smaller size teat may solve this but the one directed at her age did not
Not for the breastfed baby
Reviewed on 08 November 2017
My 6 month old breastfed bub had heaps of trouble using this one. Tried a few times but it took her ages to figure it out. Came out a bit fast for her too making her bring it back up a bit later. We much prefer the Avent classic teats!
Good, if you know how to use them
Reviewed on 27 October 2017
I have mixed feelings about the teat. Although I have nothing terribly negative to say about the teats, there are a couple of things to note when you purchase them. My little boy had no issues transitioning to this teat, he accepted it quite well. I did have a little difficulty when first using the teat, I didn't realise that you needed to pull it all the way through to sit on top of the white cap. This may be obvious to some but it wasn't to me, so the bottle often leaked. I didn't feel like the instructions clearly explained this. But it was easily fixed when I started using it correctly! I also found that the progression in holes did not match my child's age well. For example he was three months old when he could use the one month old teat, because the flow was too quick for him and as a result he would often bring the milk back up. If you keep these things in mind they are a great product which I will continue to use.
The perfect teat
Reviewed on 25 October 2017
I almost wish I had found/used/been gifted these bottles earlier in Mum feeding journey given how happy I was to use them after using Tommee tippee and medela bottles. I won’t lie, I bought tommee tippee because the 6 packs were reasonably priced, they seemed much of a muchness and most my friends were using that brand. I never knew if I would need a bottle but I felt even if you’re exclusively BFing, they might come in handy (cue BF issues and needing to express and top up). My first thought on the appearance was that the teat/nipple replicated closely to the medela calma teat in design (which my LO sometimes is not keen on). The design of this was well accepted by my LO who herself had no complaint she or fuss over this new teat. Moving into the 3+ month teats (which I didn’t even know what a thing), she had acccepted the move well. As we did not purchase enough teats to bottles, sometimes we mix it up and had not really found a preference or difference between her tolerance, mood, fullness, speed etc between the newborn and 3+ months
Not for a 6months baby
Reviewed on 24 October 2017
My 6months old who was breastfed since birth, has only fed with bottle once or twice when he was 3months, will not take this teat. As soon as he felt the teat, he rejects straight away. In this case, I cannot comment on whether this product is good or not. All I can say is that maybe this product is not for my baby.
Flexible and easy to clean
Reviewed on 24 October 2017
My daughter didn’t take too well to these tears, she is mostly breastfed and it was a struggle to get her to latch however once she realized she wasn’t getting the breast she latched and didn’t have an issue staying attached. They are soft and flexible and I love that they are similar to the nipple shape. The flow was age appropriate no issues with too much or too little milk and I like that they are so easy to pop in and out to clean.
Variable Teats
Reviewed on 22 October 2017
I have been using the variable teats as my son is on a special anti reflux formula and they are great. My only negative is that you have to be so gentle when cleaning them as they break very easily. We have had to buy new ones as the variable teat seems to be tear. I would still buy them but just be extra gentle when cleaning.
Great that these can be used as baby grows!
Reviewed on 19 October 2017
I have tried these teats on my 4 month old baby girl. She is not normally bottle fed but took to these pretty well. She only uses bottles when she is babysat and therefore had a bit of trouble getting used to this teat as I think she is more used to her other bottle which has more of a grippy texture to the teat. That said, she took to the teat well after about 10 minutes. I love that these have a natural shape, and that the teats are soft and bendy to allow a better latch. My baby tended to chew the teat and the 3 month + was a bit of a fast flow for her. She is a guzzler so perhaps that affected how she was using it! I like that the teats are made for each month and as shown in the pictures, the numbers are clearly marked on the teat to distinguish the age for each teat. I have mother friends which use these teats and they come in very handy as their baby grows. They do find it hard to remember to change the teats as they grow, so perhaps a colour coded spot on the teat or similar would help as a reminder, or if the pack came with stickers to put in your calendar to remind you to move up to the next teat! The design on the teat is great with the 'comfort petals' which increase softness but keep the teat sturdy, which helps my baby as she is a chewer. Overall I think with practice my baby would take to these teats well, and I highly recommend them!
Great teats that live up Avent's big claims
Reviewed on 31 July 2017
Been using these teats from the time my son was about 1 month old. Although we never a gave him a bottle before that as he was fully breast fed, he had no issues whatsoever taking to these teats from the very first time we gave him a bottle. The wide breast shaped teat promotes natural latch, making it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding. These teats are also so soft yet doesn't collapse during feeds. Never had any issues with leaks as it fits the Avent Natural bottle perfectly and it is also so easy to wash. The advanced anti-colic system also works wonders as my son has not had any issues with colic. Avent has done an amazing job with these teats and I highly recommend these to those looking to introduce their babies to bottle feeding.
No colics
Reviewed on 15 May 2017
I used to have another teat brand, but my son was having lots of colics. Got these recommended by a friend and since I've been feeding him with these teats, we have completely forgot about the colics. They're amazing
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